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for I Will Never Forget

4/17/2008 c6 1Humpaz2210
Hey great chapter, wow it was good.

Hope u got more ideas to post more.
4/16/2008 c6 HBKJHardy
Aw, now I am sad too. This was an amazing trilogy. I hope that you continue writing. I really enjoyed your stories. I think that the ending was terrific to this trilogy.
4/16/2008 c6 8Animal Luvr 4 Life
Wow, the loony bin! Amazing.

This was a great story-I never would have thought to make Cena, out of all people, into a murderer.

But I did in my own story, which I hope you'll check out.

Keep up the great work!
4/16/2008 c6 102TJ Sparkles
Oh, poor John. After everything, he is now alone. I would say, in a way, that he deserves it, but I can't say that. I had a soft spot for him throughout the whole trilogy. But at least he has the memories of him and Chris, and maybe being sedated constantly is better for him. I would want to be sedated constantly because it's the only way I would be able to deal with it. I like how you made this an Epilogue. I felt that it helped tie the whole fic together and put it in perspective. I will miss this trilogy SO MUCH but I am going to continue to read your other works. I think that this was my favorite one of the whole trilogy, by the way.

I've really enjoyed talking to and getting to know you, and I would like to stay in touch as well. PM me any time you want to, I'd love to talk to you! Take care and can't wait to read some of your other work!

4/16/2008 c5 TJ Sparkles
This was simultaneously my favorite chapter and my least favorite chapter. It was my favorite because I had been waiting for SO LONG to see if John would catch up to Chris, and if Chris would take John back. I was just getting into enjoying the slash part when the chapter became my least favorite. I CAN'T BELIEVE that Chris died! I got so sad, and I am glad that you had the little warning at the beginning of the chapter, because I had to dig my Kleenex out. I cannot believe, after everything that Chris has been through, that he died! He was a true survivor of everything and in the end it was a stray bullet that did him in. I know that he and John were going to try and resalvage their relationship, and now they'll never get to. This was an awesome chapter, both happy and sad.
4/16/2008 c4 8Animal Luvr 4 Life
Yay! He got caught!

Another chapter would be great!
4/16/2008 c4 102TJ Sparkles

Awesome chapter! But now that they have John in custody, does this mean that Chris is truly safe? I mean, if John broke out of custody he would come after Chris. But I really don't think he would kill Chris. I mean, he has no reason to. All of the friends are gone. I really felt for Chris while reading this. Of course he is going to have several different emotions about John, and of course he still loves him. It's just going to be hard to decide how he is going to deal with these emotions. I'm interested to see how it is going to turn out.

About the epilogue...I really would like to see it as a separate chapter. It will kind of tie everything together. But it's your story, so it's really up to you. That was just my opinion, though.

Well, cannot wait for the next chapter! I am so sad that this is coming to an end! I have really enjoyed the whole trilogy and the fact that it is almost done, makes me a little sad!

4/16/2008 c3 1Humpaz2210
Ha ha good bit about the birthday lol

update soon.
4/16/2008 c3 102TJ Sparkles
This was a good little chapter. I really wanted to see how Chris was going to cope, and he seems to be doing okay. As good as can be expected, anyway. I don't know how I'd deal with it. I'd probably become an alcoholic or something. But I do feel sorry for Chris and I hope he's going to be okay. I can't wait to find out what the detective has to tell him. Oh this is getting good!

4/15/2008 c2 TJ Sparkles
Aw, what a sad chapter. I really wanted to just give Chris a hug because him feeling so sad made me feel sad! I am being serious! All of those memories would of course make Chris feel sad, and wish that he could go back to that time when things were easier. I really wish that John had not flipped out on Chris; things would have progressed naturally and the two of them would have been able to stay together. As I said, I felt bad for Chris in this chapter. I liked the beginning, when you were describing how Chris looked awful. I don't think that boy could ever look awful, no matter how much he'd been through. The man is 37 years old and is still sexy as ever!

Okay, I'll let you go now. Great chapter. This is an awesome fic!

4/15/2008 c2 1Humpaz2210
Great chapter, hmm Chris seems depressed, but who wouldn't be.

Update soon.
4/15/2008 c1 Humpaz2210
Hey i love your stories and this has just been added to my fav, update soon, its interesting.
4/14/2008 c1 8Animal Luvr 4 Life
Poor Chris...all that suffering. I hope John is found and caught.
4/14/2008 c1 102TJ Sparkles
Yes, I loved this chapter as much as the chapters from the other fics. I am also a little sad that this trilogy is coming to an end too-I've grown quite attached to it! I'll miss seeing the new chapter updates in my e-mail every day, but it's okay. I'll definitely be checking out your other work.

I liked this chapter, even though it was a little sad. I felt bad for Chris when reading this. His life has done a complete 180 and it's really kind of sad. All he does is sit in his apartment, eat and watch TV. And go to Emily's grave. I wanted to give him a big hug and tell him that everything is gonna be all right. And I liked how you put slash in this chapter too! Chris having dreams of John...it's hard for him to cope because that was once the man he loved. I would be confused too. So much has changed so quickly. I hope Chris will be able to cope.

I LOVE "Enemy". I was wondering if you'd put it in this fic or not. Good job. Can't wait for the next chapter.

You rock girl!


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