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6/8/2010 c1 29AshleyInWriterland
I really liked this fic :).
6/16/2009 c1 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
Hmm...how DOES she talk so much? lol Love it!
9/10/2008 c1 27Aiedail01
That was really good! Awesome job. =]
9/7/2008 c1 18blueblackangel
Aww, I liked it! You captured Todd's character and attitude very well!

Anyway, great job! (I'm a person of very few words)
8/31/2008 c1 1xAtropos
Hahahaha. It's funny because it's true. Poor Mrs. Lovett; Sweeney never listens to a word she says. Nice one-shot. :]

I grant you ten thousand cool points for writing Sweeney Todd fan fictions.
7/10/2008 c1 2XTearsXOfXInnocenceX
Mrs. Lovett-jabberjabberjabberjabber

6/9/2008 c1 3Shadowstar513
Wow! This be good for such a short story! 14 reviews! Why does everyone get more reviews than me? *tears* Good anyway! I like dis story!
5/26/2008 c1 6Shitty Chicken Gang Bang
tehe! that mrs lovett sure is a funny one sometimes...

this was really good, by the way. short and sweet, it made me smile :)
5/20/2008 c1 11Winnywriter
Nice! I liked it! AND I learned a new word! :D
4/21/2008 c1 65LightNeverFades
Aw.. Mr.T, you have NO idea! Mrs.Lovette loves ya, you! -pokes Sweeney-

Sweeney: GLARE -gets ready to unsheath ultimate weapon-

Me: Uhh.. -gulp- Did I just say something? Forget I said anything, Mr.T, you're just awesome as the master of glareness and uh.. yeah. -scurries-

But, really, I loved this little one-shot! It shows how much Mr.T and Mrs.Lovette are made for each other.. Oh, if only Sweeney'S not overly obsessed with seeing blood! Good job!

4/20/2008 c1 17CrypticCalico
Oh, very Sweeneyish. You've got his thoughts down very well, and Mrs. Lovett's talkativeness too. I'm still grinning :D

Very cute, and just as well written as Of Eyes and Purposes (not that I'm advertising for you or anything XD). I loved this line:

"Occasionally, when he was really, really bored, he wondered how she could talk so much without stopping to breathe. Especially because she was wearing a corset." - Hehe, he's so funny :P

Wherever your inspiration comes from, it's a good source. You're an awesome writer. Keep 'em coming! :D

-C.C. :)
4/19/2008 c1 35ADoubtfulGuest
This made me smile =] Lots. It's shiny, and pretty, and so simply neat. Great job!
4/19/2008 c1 Cece
That was really cool, Juls (or should i call you by you author name?). Well anyway, it was short&sweet and that's how things need to be sometimes! You really capture these two characters when you write and i like how you mentioned the corset. that's true! how could she just ramble on without breathing while wearing a corset? my one comment is that i REALLY liked your first one "of eyes and purposes" and i'd have to say this one comes at a close second. but believe me it was still really good! i really like seeing young people who love writing (since you know, i'm a writing geek!) okay, i can't wait to see what you have next! keep 'em comming!
4/16/2008 c1 2InvaderLii
LOL! I often wonder the same thing...
4/15/2008 c1 Capt'n Jack
Wow! LOVED it, Short and Sweet. It was a great story, i thought it was funny and very much like what Sweeney would be thinking while Mrs Lovett ranbkes on. Whatever the Inspiration... It was good inspiration =). PLEASE keep on writing! I LOVE reading and reviewing your stories!
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