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for Saviors

9/20/2011 c1 Eirdaru
Wow, I like it it's simple and not very long but I like it.
5/14/2011 c1 Naevy1986
I liked it! ^-^
4/21/2011 c1 48BeyondMyReach
1/28/2011 c1 7Lolchen
Nice, so they don't really talk about much. Inspiring, though.
4/8/2010 c1 47Kurama no Miko2003
I really like this one shot. I always wondered what the various "saviors" of the world would say to one another should they ever meet in a bar. And I loved how you kept them both in character.
9/9/2008 c1 4ValleyKnown
Hey! I really enjoyed this one-shot. I liked the style of the choppy sentences...it was odd to read at first, but I got the flow of Yusuke's thoughts after a moment. I enjoyed their conversation...short and simple...the hirui stone was a nice touch, and the "should sell for a few billion" bit was great and off-the-handle, like Yusuke might say... I truly enjoyed this story! Thank you for writing it!
4/21/2008 c1 7JazzNProwl's sparklingAriaFyre
COOL! I liked that!
4/21/2008 c1 Deauthorized
Extremely cute. I like how you ended it: may we never save the world again. Just one question where is Keiko or is she already dead?
4/17/2008 c1 41Kittenn1011
This is great. Maybe you could write a sequal where they meet again and Harry has already cashed in the stone and is wondering about it, or something...

4/16/2008 c1 Lcampbell947
Wow...nice job! are u sure that u only want this to be a one-shot? maybe Harry can be a spirit detective as well or at least have them become good friends...well u did leave it open a bit when u talked Koenma being worried about something in the wizarding world...Again...Great Job! hope to read more...good luck!
4/15/2008 c1 16MagicalRain
very interesting
4/15/2008 c1 50Just 2 Dream of You
Ya know I have never read HP or seen any of the movies but I really understood that. Good job! ^^

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