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for Filthy Pleasure

6/1/2009 c1 71Valentine'sNinja
You know, for an introduction chapter, this wasn't at all cliché. I'm very much interested and curious to see how you've handled the rest of the chapters. I'm off to read the rest and really, this was a great start.

6/1/2009 c7 5Jorja A

that got my heart pumping good!

can't wait for you next installment.

5/29/2009 c6 12Chaotic Symphony
awesome chap, you must continue this when you can, I will be waiting for more, great job again
4/15/2009 c3 1cloudwee
lmao i love this story.

I died of laughter at the part " “Cloud taking a dump…god only he can make it look sexy.” "


This story is great so far.

4/3/2009 c6 Kit-Kat-Wafer
Holy Shit :D This story is amazing. I'm glad you updated though, anyway ! Pfft, Clouds such an ass/jerk. But I do like all of their personalities, so please update :)
4/1/2009 c6 vLuna
Lol, interesting fic :) Please, write more!
3/25/2009 c6 sam
i hope that you give more attention to this story so we could have updates! i was happy to know that you said it wouldn't be an easy cloti falling in love type of story! and it has action too! i'm curious to know why cloud and zack are engaged to that underground fighting of some sort though...and very eager to know how tifa would try to resist cloud's seduction! please update soon!
2/15/2009 c6 2Aziza-Chan
Wow! your a really good writer! *Better than me T_T* I love CloTi and this story is so original. Unlike the other stories were when they see eachother they just fall in love *bleh*
2/9/2009 c6 2ClotiNotCleris
I honestly can't think of anything more to say than I love it...and update soon. =]
2/9/2009 c6 16Rend
thats it, i'm confused, before everything made sense, now i'm saying the exact words cloud and tifa said when they realized she was his new pa, but i guess thats part of the story, so no babies yet? that sucks but story seems to be shaping up great, cloud and tifa sure to curse alot, in fact this story has alot of cursing, but it adds to it, making it more 'real' i really want to read more but i hope the next update doesn't take so long,
2/8/2009 c6 13Sacred3
Cloud is one hot guy and seems like he just met his match. i wonder how this is going to turn out.
2/8/2009 c6 5Jorja A
uwaa. i'm really slow. i'm lost. you know, i'm excited and lost at the same time with this chapter! nevertheless, UPDATE soon! i'll re-read this again to understand. hehe.

2/8/2009 c6 1rainydaykisses
YAY! Finally! UR! Cloud is so mean, I can't wait til Tifa shows him what's up. (She will eventually show him what's up..right?)

But I'm also really enjoying this atypical approach to the cloti relatonship. Very refreshing. (^_^)
2/8/2009 c6 roxane beanre
totally cool story!
2/8/2009 c6 33Karmi Ky


anyway, i would just like to say GO ELE!

and i love you for updating. it took me a moment to realize this title, then i saw "author: elebelly" and i was like WHOOHOO!

it was hilarious like always. cloud's still a jackass, but when is THAT going to change? xD

and, you might want to watch those run-on sentences and italics. its kinda hard to tell sometimes when cloud's thinking and when something's just italized for emphasis.

maybe some lead-ins for cloud's thoughts?

but i guess because im so analytical now cuz of this english class, i noticed it more now than ever. im like that with a lot of stuff, not just yours xD

anyway, hope you update A LOT sooner than this time (hint hint wink)

love yas always,

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