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for Change In The Wind

2/12/2011 c3 3CheshireGirl-106
oohh vampires lol... cant wait to read more
7/21/2008 c3 NinjaBunnyOverlord
Ooh I wonder whats gonna happen when they go to town...

Stupid Raven you could've been abducted or molested. shame on you. It's a good thing MAl was there to kick some a55. :)
7/16/2008 c3 24JBubbles
Great chapter! Really amazing, you only have to worry a little bit more with commas, but I probably overreacting. Till next.
7/12/2008 c3 1Plain English
Great! Can't wait for more!

Plain English
7/11/2008 c3 9sinomin
Awesome! So there headed for the town... Can't wait to see what happens next!
7/11/2008 c3 1ZenziTheJewel
I really enjoyed reading the story so far! =D And I like your OC, the vampire! He seems pretty dangerous xD Keep writing!

Oh and BTW, do you re-read your stories? It might be useful to correct grammar errors and such =] apart from that, perfect story!
5/6/2008 c2 NinjaBunnyOverlord
He's a bit overly protective ain't he babe? But I like it. Don't worry about making them long. As long as consistancy is kept your fine, It was just wishful hoping anyway. But this was longer so thanks. Anyway I love the whole 'Wh0re I belong to NO ONE' thing. Though it was funny that he was jealous, but could it be insecurity? Nah, I highly doubt that. I'm gonna stop rambling before I go completely off topic, like the other day when... Dag nabit. See it happened.

can't wait to see where he teleported them.
5/5/2008 c2 Lilblackbirdie
o interesting story but one question, how'd they get to where they are?
4/23/2008 c1 24JBubbles
In terms of literature, I do prefer this text over your other fic. You can continue with it, but please, I beg ou: you got to work on your grammar. Not the mispelling words, but the use of commas for instance. They would bring so much more to all of your texts.
4/19/2008 c1 NinjaBunnyOverlord
seems interesting, but I would have been able to give you a better review if it were a bit longer. But I'm sure it'll be good so keep going.

OMG I hurt my wrist in softball and It's all swollen and wrapped up, But I promise to at least finish one picture by tomorrow, but its hard with a gynormous Ace-bandage around my whole * hand! SO SORRY!

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