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for The Ones Who Cried Love

5/22/2009 c5 Jiru.Sama
OMG I LOVE this story 3

"Just be lucky that Kurosaki Ichigo chased you instead of you chasing me."


Please Continue 3
3/25/2009 c19 7naruhina4ever101
Will you please please continue this story. I totally love it! onegai please do!
1/30/2009 c6 15JDH1080
ohoho this is very good i like how you made ichigo into a sort of smug basterd and that he holds all the cards
9/21/2008 c19 5chumelon
Ah great Story! please update soon :D
7/29/2008 c19 1chocolatereaper
awesome fic i thought i might not like it from the summary but the fic rocks! please update!
7/17/2008 c19 3Star Garden
I really love this story so far. It's fun and flirty, with those serious moments that also come with love. thanks so much for writing! I can't wait to read more from you!

6/27/2008 c19 t1234
it was good but why aren't you freaking updating!
6/26/2008 c2 Silver Fantasy
I love this fic! It's very cute, though I've only read the first chapter, I can tell it'll be great. It's funny too. Your top three favorite things for 2008: Bleach, VK, Twilight are my favs in the exact same order. lol no joke.
6/3/2008 c9 1mzrandomness
will you update soon
6/2/2008 c1 4FullMetalLover1
5/24/2008 c19 lita dragoon
GO DAVID COOK! IM SO HAPPY HE WON! im with u all the way about buying his CD's! back to the story this was really really HOT! I LOVED IT! on and by the way my email is so could you send the the ICHIRUKI doujnishi you talked about in the last chapter? tahnkz! keep up the good work and ...

5/23/2008 c19 2nejisakura
please update this soon..!
5/22/2008 c19 2crimsonamber
nice chapter!

haha . anyhoo . your improving on writing lemons!

did you hve any inspiration? XD

please update soon!. =)
5/22/2008 c19 8Assault Godzilla
Wow. Just, wow. How many times does Rukia have to ask? We all know the answer. Anyways, that was great!
5/22/2008 c19 Crimsoneli
i think you're putting too much lemon in your fanfiction now...i dont see how you will be able to progress the story if they keep f**king each other.
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