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for The Ones Who Cried Love

5/22/2008 c18 icymist
ok it wouldnt let me post another review on chapter 19..

ha im freakin stupid!

ha i thought chapter 19 said last chapter..not LATEST.

ya im smart huh.

ha so like ignore that one ok.

5/22/2008 c19 icymist
bummer last chapter.

cute story anyway.

very sexy haha.



haha it was awesome!
5/22/2008 c19 MissShortPants
Hot chapter! I enjoyed this chapter a lot!XD You're awesome at writing lemons.;) Update when you can!
5/22/2008 c19 6intercostalspace
thanks for the update. oh, & i'm glad masaki is alive here. sometimes i just hate it when she's dead in a fic & ichigo goes all emo.
5/22/2008 c19 8SunsetRainbow
Tbh I prefered the first lemon

It was better written then


Because it was kind of more subtle if you get what I mean?

but this is sweett x
5/22/2008 c7 SunsetRainbow
Sorry what's wrong with ichigoxorihime?

He smiles at Rukia because she's his friend and he owed her something

I have nothing against rukia

but I really hate it when ichiruki fans just bitch about orihimeorihimeorihime non stop.

It's really fucking annoying.

Please stop.
5/22/2008 c18 19wickedsistah1024
yay! wonderful, wonderful story! it was well-written, enjoyable...oh, it was just really great!

oh, and congrats, david cook won! hooray for him! :)
5/20/2008 c18 SPZ
david cook rulz. nice fanfiction poor confused teenage love... haha suckerz
5/20/2008 c18 ikagami saii
well... i actually LOVE DAVID A. but it doesn't matter... can you PLEASE send me that vid! i kinda need it for writing my first rated m story... I'M TELLING THE TRUTH! I'M JUST 13 and a NBSB (no boyfriend since birth)... thanks i love the plot!
5/20/2008 c18 icymist
wow yeah it was.


i so want him to win!
5/20/2008 c18 MissShortPants
Adorable chapter! The confession was so cute!X3 I'm so happy that he confessed! It was bound to happen sooner or later. Please update soon!;)
5/20/2008 c18 6intercostalspace
love the confession. it's so timely. he revealed his feelings at the right occasion & what's good about it is that it made her feel all the more secure about their relationship. now, that they have confessed to each other, where does this story go?
5/20/2008 c17 intercostalspace
though the lemon was a bit fast, i'd say it's nice! good work. as you write more i bet you'd be able to write longer & more detailed lemons. THANKS AGAIN! :D
5/20/2008 c17 2antrea
yeah! david cook rules . . . and that was a really great chapter!
5/19/2008 c18 8Assault Godzilla
That was great. I knew Ichigo would confess sooner or later. Let's see more!
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