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for The Ones Who Cried Love

5/19/2008 c18 greenpeppers
that was kawaii he really does care for her gud job!=)amazing story u got. gud job!
5/19/2008 c18 8SunsetRainbow

5/19/2008 c18 2nejisakura
please update this soon...!
5/19/2008 c18 7bleedingxinxspace
Aw, it was a cute way of confessing :). Can't wait for the next chapter...and I also hope David Cook wins as well.
5/19/2008 c17 5Lost Angel III
that... that was... argh! you made your first lemon. it's nice on the first try. and i laughed so much when you said 'kinikilabutan na ko sa paggawa ng lemon sa fic ko'. hehe. good job! more power. thank you for everything. at sa june 10 na pasukan nmin. d ko n alm ang ggwin ko. wait. bbshin ko lng yung oneshots mo. (nbasa mu n b ung collection of oneshots ko?) cge po. thanks a lot again...♥ :)

5/19/2008 c17 2crimsonamber

haha . well kakoza! isa kng pinoy!

first time mu lan tlgang gumawa ng lemons?

well its pretty good!

i'll be waiting for your updates!

i really like your story!

i'll support it!.

haha . chaka! ;p

keep up the good work!
5/18/2008 c17 yumichan808
haha, yea. anyway, i just wanted to ask. who the hell is senna? i can't seem to remember her.
5/18/2008 c17 2nejisakura
please update it soon...
5/18/2008 c17 7bleedingxinxspace
This story is great. Ichigo and Rukia make a great pairing, and I really support it! It was a great last chapter as well, good luck on the next one. And on the comment of David Cook, I think that he deserves to win.
5/18/2008 c17 RyaNa offline
That was hot...

Not bad foR the fiRst time...

I also like the way Rukia tease Ichigo...

The sexy butt...

So fuuny!
5/18/2008 c17 8Assault Godzilla
OMFG. That. Was. AMAZING! Man, I'd like to see the next chapter soon. This is getting good.
5/18/2008 c17 ashley
finally had them do it yes! very hot
5/18/2008 c17 8SunsetRainbow
I may not like the couple

but I'll allow it in highschool things xD

Wow hothotichiruki!


Did you enjoy writing that?

xDD x
5/17/2008 c1 13narusakufan1985
This is a good story. Please continue. Ichigo and Rukia forever.
5/15/2008 c16 Lisa
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