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for The Ones Who Cried Love

5/5/2008 c13 angelic93
ofcorse they are in love ne (insert evil smile XD);)

its been good chap my juniour high graduation is near im sad and excited about it lol ok c ya

5/5/2008 c13 Kisa-chan-14
they muysbe really in love!

jeje sorry I have been reading your fic but notreviewing because I don't have somuch time ToT

but well really like your story, is really nice and the job with the characters is reali good (I mean they're not OOC, well ecept Inoue, but who cares of she xD)

so please continue with it, and please make them feel in love really!


PD: sorry for my english, it's not so god xP
5/5/2008 c13 icymist
i think it should be real love.

gah make somethin spicy happen.

kissin..somethin..all out love confession.

serious anxiety here.

but great story!lovin it a bunch!

update soon!
5/5/2008 c12 2crimsonamber
this is a great chap!

hey. can i use your line

"love doesn’t need a long time to happen. When it’s there, it’s there. And people who are already entangled with it may find it too difficult to escape"?

5/5/2008 c13 crimsonamber
i can't take of my mind from this story!

this chapter was really great.

no one really knows if their inlove or just infatuated.

no one really can't escape love even if their heart is not yet ready to feel the unmeasurable happiness and of course uncomparable pain.

i soo love your story! oh and i also wanted to see the manga that Altair15 will make!

ganbatte ne!

please update soon!

oh there one poem i also liked.

where in the alternate cover is rukia and ichigo

"I just keep practicing

Saying goodbye to you"

kubo tite really is unbelievable writer! a genius!

5/5/2008 c13 2nejisakura
please update this soon..!

i want to know what will happen next...!

please update..!
5/4/2008 c12 icymist


im not patient sorry..

5/4/2008 c12 altair15
thanks for your approval! i can't work on it right now because i'm still recovering from a hand whole right hand is swollen and i nearly lost my right ring finger.. T_T ...i'm currently typing using my left hand and believe me it ain't easy... i will also work on it when you have finished the story... thanks again! and by the way.. YOU ROCK! :p ...i love david cook!
5/3/2008 c12 angelic93
ya dude ichiruki difnetly ROCK XD ya it was great how he was beating the crap out of the -disrespectful kid- XD lol ok and ya they are so romantic aww i wish if they kiss in bleach did you see the movie opening Dimond dust ribilion he trips and fall on her or somethin XD i want to see the movie T.T k

rock on
5/2/2008 c12 rukiaichigo15chappy
wow ! its so cute

is it real , that tite kubo-sama ? make some poems for ichiruki?

where can i read it ?

thanks !

ahmm ..

can we be friends ?

here's my yahoo messanger ..

thanks ! again , i really love it !
5/2/2008 c12 nejisakura
please update it soon...

i like it...
5/2/2008 c12 7MimixTHExDeceitful
I love this story so much! I can't wait for the next update!
5/2/2008 c12 None
hey hey hey all of us wanna see the manga

and this chapter was great

i think you are getting better at this

keep it up
5/2/2008 c11 2crimsonamber
wooah!. ur story is really great!.

haha . im always going OL for this!.

well please upd8 soon!.

really really love it!. XDD .
5/2/2008 c11 angelic93
hihhi its ok i dont care about lemon XD lol anyways ya that was me who said who the hell said i love you XD =) k great chap XD

funny as always ok

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