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for This is How I Disappear

1/31/2009 c6 8XxXFading-With-TimeXxX
this is really good! i like the way you write! its sad but i still lurve it. Death Cab For Cutie is awesome...i lurve them, too...anyways...great story!
6/15/2008 c6 1ellesra
Aw. I'm sorry, I don't have more tears to spend today, but.. Oh, here goes. Well, it was beautiful. Cheers! :D
6/12/2008 c5 ellesra
Wow. Brilliant chapter, even if I didn't understand a thing. Is that positive? Don't think so, but it really doesn't matter. What matter is that oh no, it's soon done! Start writing another fanfiction like this afterwards? x) Cheers! :D
5/6/2008 c1 664Lamia of the Dark
Wow, I love the style of this chapter!
5/4/2008 c4 1ellesra
Great. :D Nothing more is needed to be said. Or maybe; brilliant, magnificent, wonderful? :D Love it, but maybe you should name the kids as they originally is named?

If you don't know;

Hermione and Ron; Hugo and Rose

Harry and Ginny (yes, these you got right); James, Albus and Lily

George and Angelica; Roxanne and Fred

(if you need more, just ask me. But I'm kind in a hurry now.) Cheers! :D
5/4/2008 c4 SilverWhiteDragon
GAHH! NO! MORE PLEASE! T_T This is really good...XD I like the idea that Sirius and Remus can pretty much start over again..*grin*
4/21/2008 c3 42Bottlebrush
Thank you for the explanation of the first bit; what mainly puzzled me was the Avada Kedavra. I thought it meant Bellatrix had AKd Sirius, but that couldn't be right because if she had he'd be really dead. But I understand it all right now, thanks, and sorry for being slow.

I wondered why Harry was so angry, but I think I see. At first he thought these children were playing a stupid cruel trick on him, but when they convinced him they knew things from the past only other Marauders would know, he was still angry because it hurt him so much when he lost Sirius, it was hard for him to get over it and now that old wound has been re-opened and it hurts him again. So he has to pretend it's not happening. But Ginny knows better, and even the children know, so Harry's going to have to face up to it sometime.

Very interesting look at Ron and Hermione's life and family. You've departed entirely from canon with them, giving them a pair of twins. I like that idea.

Very intriguing end here. James and Lily? So Sirius and Remus have been somewhere between life and death; they could see this living world, but they could also see James and Lily who are dead. But, apparently, not Bellatrix, as it was news to them that Harry had AKd her.

You've set out a fascinating mystery, and I'll be very interested to see how it works out. Good work so far.
4/21/2008 c3 3truest-of-true-loves
Hmm, I must be honest, I thought you got kinda cheesy with Harry and Ginny and their tears "escaping their prison." =) But this fic seems pretty interesting so far, so I will add it to my alert. I hope you lots of luck with the rest of your fic!
4/21/2008 c2 truest-of-true-loves
Hm, interesting. They came back as children. What a question, what if Harry had to be the older one? Let's see what happens next chapter.
4/21/2008 c1 truest-of-true-loves
whoa. intense start. I like it. I like the graceful arch comment.
4/20/2008 c3 1ellesra
Wow. You are truly brilliant, you know that, right? Love it. ^^ Do u have a beta? If not, can I be? xD
4/19/2008 c2 ellesra
Wow. PLEASE, continue? :D And, this plot, I think no one has used it? Not like this, anyway. ^^ So; CONTINUE. :)
4/19/2008 c2 42Bottlebrush
The first chapter confused me; if it hadn't been for the summary I wouldn't know what was going on. But the second sets up a most intriguing situation and raises questions like, where were Sirius and Remus all these years? Why do they now seem to be eleven-year-olds? They haven't gone back in time, because they can remember sixth year and remember baby Harry. I like the interesting little asides, like Lavender being an Unspeakable. I see you have changed the order of Harry's children, in the book Albus is older than Lily. But as this is AU anyway, it doesn't matter. I've never read any story where Remus went straight through the veil after Sirius, but that's not to say there isn't one. Even if there is, you're writing your own version so please don't give it up now. I want answers to these questions!
4/19/2008 c2 Nic
This is going to be fun. Right, go ahead!

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