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10/20/2022 c5 Macy Noble
.two sentences
10/20/2022 c4 Macy Noble
"wether" is spelled whether, and it's kinda hard to keep track of the characters' names because we can't see them
6/5/2022 c31 dontblink
You are the monster, uMbRiDgE
You're story is great, I think you've really got the Umbridge character well!
6/5/2022 c7 DoctorWhoooo
I love your story, it's great!
Do you have any tips on writing fanfic because I'm thinking of posting one of my own?
Oh, and please pleaseeeee no cockroach clusters!
1/30/2022 c4 7TheExpertProcrastinator
1/23/2022 c48 Guesswhoiam
I demand a lollipop ! And e-gallons. Good story
1/23/2022 c20 Coralsea
How are they passing notes under the cloak ? Do they keep a piece of paper and pen, sorry parchment and quill with them at all times?
1/22/2022 c17 Coralsea
I think I might die of laughter! Your story is amazing. But could you keep an eye on your your's and you'res? cause they both have different meanings you know. You probably won't see this but again good Story!
11/25/2021 c107 1Gryfinndorgirl
I loved this so much and read every chapter! this last chapter was so great but made we so sad as well
10/1/2021 c64 Puff20
I love the clock tower bit! It's just really fun to imagine. One question, how on EARTH are they writing and walking on thin planks of wood. They must be phenomenal multitaskers.
9/13/2021 c52 Puff20
Thank you! I did my hair last night, so I hope it looks okay. I have an important question; where did they get a giant vase? I'm a little worried. The scone thing
7/20/2021 c25 Puff20
I just noticed, I believe there is an error in your description of the story. Peter didn't do anything. He was quite literally a RAT. UGH. GROSS. (to Peter, not to rats)
7/5/2021 c99 Puff20
This chapter makes me laugh so hard.
7/5/2021 c97 Puff20
Th train of thought thing makes me laugh every time I read it (yes, I mightve read this fanfic three times. Well, seventh year actually).
7/5/2021 c96 Puff20
I love seeing Lily here, her sarcasm and dry humor brings me joy.
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