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for 25 Ways to Annoy Davy Jones

3/28/2018 c1 MadMoneyMike7
Get a jar of dirt and run around the Flying Dutchman singing I’ve got a jar of dirt I’ve got a jar of dirt I’ve got a jar of dirt and guess what’s inside it
6/14/2015 c1 Guest
9/16/2012 c1 Smithy
You fool, now I am humming 'The Imperial March' and now it'll be stuck in my head for weeks. The good thing is, I like it.
6/12/2010 c1 8Renee Niels
"The Imperial March" WOULD be pretty awesome for Jones...

Jones: *death glare*

Circe: Dad...

Jones: Ye know how I get!
7/1/2008 c1 4Cuando La Luna Se Fue
Go, Darth Vader!
6/26/2008 c1 14mmmbopjonasgirl
Ok, this is the funniest fanfic I've ever read!
4/20/2008 c1 16germanviola7
Set the kraken up on a date with the Loch Ness monster. hahahahahha
4/20/2008 c1 29TortugaTourGuide
Cute! I like it very much! My personal favorite is number 13.
4/20/2008 c1 4Flygon Pirate
YAY! You actually did it! Thank you! :D

That was hilarious!

I am EXTREMELY scared of Davy (See my profile) and I LOVE it when he is being made fun of!

I totally loved them all!

For #25, I used to be a Star Wars freak, so which it makes it really fun for Davy's theme to be the "Imperial March"!

Have you done Norrington, Beckett, the governor, or Mercer yet?

I laughed throught reading it!

I'm adding this to my FAVs!

Make more of these!

And see if you can think of more for Davy! I would loved that!

Keep it up!

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