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for Childhood flashback

9/17/2018 c1 Guest
I was listening to Mrs. Robinson while listing to this
4/7/2016 c1 15TimeSpace64
Oh. My. Gosh. Wow. That's amazing! You should have or should write more to this! Maybe a sequel where they meet years later when Joel is hired at Gizmonics. Or how Joel gets along with Frank and Dr. Forrester when they're kids.
5/27/2012 c1 6FTWinterstorm
Heh. Not sure what else to say, but it made me smile. Good job. *gives cookie*
6/4/2009 c1 20James Birdsong
Quite wonderful.
6/1/2008 c1 9Freebird87
No Crow T. Robot?

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