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10/14/2017 c7 dv36muskan
It would be amazing if you updated! I really liked your story so far. Great read:)
6/9/2014 c7 for-the-giggles-why-not
that was really cool
are there gonna be lemons?
not that i mind
obviously a lot of fanfics have lemons in them
i was merely wondering?
it was good
it was a nice story to read, not one that is like super serious but still has a plot
i guess its like fluff
9/18/2012 c7 Haku isf-in epic
Please update and for the love of all that is epic about wolves and dragons please update!
8/27/2012 c7 michelle88222
I know it's been so long ago since you've updated on this story but I honestly really hope you won't leave it unfinished and UPDATE! I love the story!
10/24/2011 c7 sieni1
Pleaaase333! continue! I love it!
6/24/2010 c7 3DarknessXRises
This was so amazing , please don't stop writing this. There's not a whole bunch of good stories like this one. If you stop writing this , it woudl really suck. plz plz plz continue!
6/16/2010 c7 Kamigakushi
You make me jealous of Chihiro. Which...isn't necessarily a bad thing...
4/13/2010 c7 22MelissaRM
i understand that the other story is easier to write, but i NEED another chapter!


please update soon!
4/9/2010 c7 1xXVioletRibbonXx
I friggin love this! and i know what you mean about the twilight books... i've read al of the books at least 20 times!
2/16/2010 c7 Riku Michaelis
How cute. :0

love it when the guys restrain themselves.

Now if only it were real. \

update soon please. :)
1/18/2010 c7 8Dolphin0150
oh plz dont stop keep going i love it!
12/24/2009 c7 Trina
awsome story

pleeze finish

(PS: u spelled "movie" wrong)
9/21/2009 c2 2Charmshadow
so-o-o-o, has chihiro forgotten who he he is because of the bite?
9/20/2009 c1 Charmshadow
well written, 'cept for the word costumers. I believe you mean customers. costumers make costumes, customers cough up the dough.

Other than that, its great. ^-^
8/27/2009 c7 2Veronica Pop
Woah baby!

Update soon

or I will go I N S A N E!

-Veronica Pop!
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