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for Gueneviere

4/24/2008 c1 fallensidhe
good, but you really should add more to this story. It seems uncomplete and empty somehow. good job though, good thinking.
4/21/2008 c1 3Jo Claire
*sigh* that was GOOD! i like king arthur and i LOVE harry potter, so over all, this is my kind of thing!

blessed be

jo !
4/21/2008 c1 15miss devil's kiss
wow that was... completely random. i liked the idea
4/20/2008 c1 1MySailor'sLove10
OMG! How incredibly PERFECT!

You should expand on this idea!
4/20/2008 c1 Cleared
This is cute, and an interesting take on things, but her name is spelled 'Genevra.' It's only the 'r' and 'v' that are transposed. Otherwise, good original plot.
4/20/2008 c1 9Unashamed1
Hello, there:

You know, I like this. It's a compact view into a character's world...and it wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be Ginny pining for Harry, etc.; sort of a tortured, tragic herione. This subverted my expectations-which is usually a good thing for fiction to do.

I also get the sense that there is a larger story that could be told here. (That's another thing fiction does-sometimes it grows :) ). It stands on its own as a one-shot, of course, but you've set up the necissary internal conflict (and implied external conflict, maybe...) for something bigger. Nice to have options, right? :).

Very nice little piece.

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