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for Kidnapping Princess Hinata

3/13/2022 c1 Z-Weeb
This was kinda weird ngl. Maybe you could make it like a movie where a villain appears only in this story and kidnaps Hinata maybe cuz he’s after the nine tails and hold Hinata hostage or something and Naruto heroically saves her and it would be very cute. Maybe another child who survived Orochimaru’s experiments with wood style too.
11/12/2013 c1 sidney
too long you only said hinata one in it
7/22/2011 c8 Hyper-Blossom Z-Login Trouble
I actualy know a COLAGE student who's still a naruto fan! ! !
12/30/2010 c4 Hyper-Blossom Z login truble
NOT GOOD! (I usually say that when something bad happens, kind of like a cachphrase, But I also have two other "cachphrases"...)

...I-Is Kiba D-Dead?...
3/26/2010 c8 hinata-fan2
i really like it

update soon :)
1/11/2010 c8 6lovingo0Kawaii0oGirl
please continue! i love it!
1/3/2010 c8 9oceanmoon
Okay, just update soon!
1/3/2010 c7 oceanmoon
Hm, alternating points of view is a pretty good idea, it gives interest to the people who don't like a certain part. They have to keep on reading. Good job! ~%~(@
1/3/2010 c6 oceanmoon
As you know, run it through spell check. I'm not sure if it's an accident, but Kunai is spelled like that. This story is interesting, very complex and interesting.
1/3/2010 c5 oceanmoon
Advice for this chapter is just to watch your grammar and make sure you're consistent. Otherwise, really good chapter because you made me feel mad at Naruto when he was mean to Hinata, and only good stories can make you feel emotions.
1/3/2010 c4 oceanmoon
This one was really good! I'm glad you're taking the time to extend it. Your research improved and the confusion dropped, so thank you. I wonder who Tenshi is...
1/3/2010 c3 oceanmoon
A good thing to do is write it and then a day later, update. It helps you catch a lot of mistakes.
1/3/2010 c2 oceanmoon
Um, that chapter was good, but it was a bit confusing. What does Kazekage mean, because I'm not sure if it's proper...I know that some people get irritated when research isn't right (i've gotten flames before, and it doesn't feel good). Besides that, ,you mispelled Hiashi and Tsunade a little. Study up and keep up the good work!
1/3/2010 c1 oceanmoon
Oh, it kinda hurt to think that Naruto would trade Hinata in, but when you think about it, Naruto has no idea who she really is basically. Well, I thought it was really good, so imma keep on reading. Keep up the good work.
1/3/2010 c8 Guest
Dont abandon this story! Its just started!
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