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7/24/2012 c5 Guest
This story is really addicting! I can't wait for more!
7/17/2012 c5 I0AM0DELETED0
Please continue this.
1/9/2011 c5 2Larry Letter
what is your definition of updating soon? xD"

It would be definitley appriciated if this would mean... in the next few... month? xD

I would love to read more it's good :3
12/1/2010 c5 4Yueli-san
i love your story! but *checks update date* you haven't updated in forever T-T you can't just leave it at "it's about to get exciting" and take so long! what's going to happen to Light? i really want to know! hoping you update soon!
11/7/2008 c5 10lil joker 1989
hm what to do for a couple of hours before you go and met the person who poisoned you hm ^-^
10/19/2008 c5 3Viskii
It is indeed exciting. I hope you update soon. :)
9/4/2008 c5 3Toraus
Interesting story! It is very interesting to see how the situation will play out.
7/28/2008 c5 rosekyo
OMG. This is an awesome story. I really like it. This was a great chapter- the best yet. I love how Light plans ahead, calling Sayu, stealing the key... I can't wait to see what he plans for the meeting. I hope the next chapter comes out soon!
7/15/2008 c5 shelimar2
hey going on with this story? I mean is it abandoned or not? i'm hoping not, it's just starting to get good.
6/10/2008 c5 M-ly
ôO, thanks for ending this chapter at such an exciting part, now I have to check this fanfic every five minutes to see if it has been updated...

Anyway, quiet an original idea and I'm curious to find out how it turns out for Light (and how long he manages to hide the truth from L) D:, sorry for my English...
5/14/2008 c5 4ElementalFoxGoddess
great story! plz update soon! what does the murderer want with raito-chan? and whos the uke?
5/6/2008 c5 18Nightwing Gurl
awesome update as usual! and i understand why you wont be able to update faster like before but still i will wait! coz i love ur story alot.

5/6/2008 c5 2bang on the head
oh dear, light has ditched L! 0.0 All very exciting, especially the killer who sounds rather crazed..

Well, really looking to the next chapter ^_^ Great story! :D
5/5/2008 c5 35Serria
Awesome! Light managed to ditch L! XD I can't wait to see what L's going to plan after this, since I assume he's not going to sit there passively. What I find interesting though is Light pretending to be Kira ... how you said the words came naturally to him, despite how much he disagrees. That's fascinating, but believable. Light is still Light and always Light, but the Death Note draws out a certain part of him that he otherwise gives no power to. That's human nature, really. Anyway, curious as always to find out what's going to happen. But first and foremost, good luck with school, work, rock concerts, etc.!
5/5/2008 c5 1The Fluffy Ball
This is getting interesting. I'm definitely watching this.
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