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9/13/2011 c6 26XxXNightcoreQueenXxX
Wow, wow, okay I have like a hell of a lot on my mind that I need to ask, so pleas bear with me.

And I know you’re not going to answer all of them if not all. And it’s not necessary either, but I think this might help you write more.

Okay time to fire with my ideas, questions and suggestions.

First of all which color is Vlad? (Pleas say he is Pink for the heck of it!)

How will Jack and Maddie react to the new ghosts? (I mean they have to notice! And so will the town) And Phantom’s new appearance and teem. (I Mean he just teamed up with humans, didn’t he?)

And what about Phantoms fan club, they have to see him as a ranger with his symbol right?

And Danny should be able to use his ghost powers right?

So if he is to use the ghostly wail, he has to take of the helmet, right?

(Well if it can open to allow the scream to come out its fine)

And what about Dan? Is he going to be an evil ranger? Or is he fused with the worst of the evil?

Will Vlad have to switch sides?

And for my final question, do you have a drawing of them, somewhere?

P.S hope I didn’t fry your brain….

9/22/2010 c1 chris davies
sorry i mess up on i in it

i mean put a new chatpers please

it super cool story
8/28/2010 c6 chris davies
i think it so COOOOOOOOL i put next CHAPER PLEASE

real cool

i want to know it so cool update more chaper
8/21/2010 c6 17GIGA-XISBASS
1/23/2009 c5 3animegal4ever
i luv it its comming out really good... i just need to update mine now lol
12/20/2008 c2 Nne
12/20/2008 c3 The Bunny Master
I dont know if this is incredible lame...or wicked AWESOME!
8/15/2008 c4 animegal4ever
yes tommy why is it always u lol luv it u know that
7/30/2008 c4 83Hordak's Pupil
Yay it's Lord Zedd, I love Lord Zedd one of my favorite power ranger villians. This is a cool fic, keep up the great work. :)
7/27/2008 c3 3animegal4ever
dont worry yet again i wont give you flames but u need to update soon as i will try to
7/27/2008 c2 animegal4ever
dont worry i wont give you flames u know i love this story
7/27/2008 c1 animegal4ever
you already know that i love this story but i am doing this anyway lol
6/16/2008 c2 2SpartanCommander
You also need to remember that you can't kill ghost's like they could do monsters in Power Rangers. If anything Destorying a monster may simply destory the monster and separate the ghost from it. Possibly creating a more Dangerous situation with the ghost.

Ghost's are already dead and thus can't be killed. At most you probably could vaporize it but it will likely reform eventually (Give or take a few weeks).

Also alot of ghost's would acutally be more powerful than the rangers even ones augmented with ghost powers wouldn't be able to defeat them but any form of conventional means and thus you need to use Danny's strategies in fighting dirty, kicking you enemies when they are down, and exploting what ever weekness you can no matter what it is. That's probably the best way to beat a ghost but even still ghost's like the Fright Knight, that mummy, the Ghost King, and others have proven to be much more powerful than Danny, Vlad, or both of them. However luckly most of them hardly ever leave the ghost zone with out good reason so unless some moron angered the Fright KNight they are atleast safe from a enemy like that (you know it's strange that the recent Power Ranger shows keep showing the Rangers as superior in power and strength to every monster and don't need to form a plan any more like the older ones where the Rangers eventually met up with enemies more powerful they they could ever hope to be so they needed to make plans and form strategies. For some reason the Rangers aren't being clever anymore.
6/16/2008 c1 SpartanCommander
You know if the ghost zone merged with the Morphing grid wouldn't that sort of give the Ghost's more powers than just their dead powers.

It would insure that the more powerful ghost's are stronger than the rangers.

The Fright Knight would probably loose the pumpkin weekness if that happened since the Morphing grid may alter the ghost zone.

It's a little strange given the nature of the ghost zone. It probalby would also give the Rangers powers fluctuate rather badly and maybe also cause alot of side effects for them.
6/16/2008 c3 83Hordak's Pupil
This fic is awesome. First Danny becomes a Ranger (although nothing beats his black and white Hazmat suit), then you reveal that Zordon and Clockwork are allies, then Sam and Tucker become Rangers. Keep up the great work. :)
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