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10/16/2011 c3 6vcnillas
Cannnn Youu Pleaseee Continueee Thisss ?

11/25/2008 c3 2rockinchick101
omg u have to write more please please
11/25/2008 c2 rockinchick101
omg that was great
11/25/2008 c1 rockinchick101
wow when u said it is rated m 4 sexual inferences u were right but that was great
10/11/2008 c3 xmiemiex
8/6/2008 c3 AwesomelyOutrageousDyme
plz update soon

i wanna find out if joe really does teach the baby "his amazing skills"


It was A good Stori

i loved it
7/9/2008 c3 13just jay
Ahh, omg.

That's awesome. It's like, sad and yet funny at the same time!

Update soon.
6/29/2008 c3 3allieloveskevinjonas

i like this

post moree
6/12/2008 c3 Talita-Michelle
I like the Nilly pairing the best. I used to like Loe the most but ive been reading too many Nilly stories lately. Lol.

The ending of this chapter was funny. The whole ninja kick thing haha
6/8/2008 c3 2LiVe.DaNcE.lOvE
Update soon. and since that i dont even like this type og things its pretty good but no way is lilly and nick really gonna do that in real life but whatever update!
5/22/2008 c3 8iluvbasketball22
OMG I loved it so much! Plz update soon!
5/22/2008 c2 iluvbasketball22
OH she ogot her eggo preggo!
5/22/2008 c1 iluvbasketball22
5/9/2008 c3 10hellolove
Aww this chapter was cute.

Update soon!
5/6/2008 c3 5OHMYnickJONAS
WOW. All three stories were very... Uh.. Awkward. I could never see lilly do that, and nick for that matter!

lol. But heyy your the author!

I wonder what will happen next.
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