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for Son of the Dark

8/20/2008 c8 5Marsuss
takoa akao owns beyblade and some lady owns harry potter xD


8/20/2008 c8 Guest
Ok, I'm not a HUGE fan of yaoi but I absolutely adore Kai as a Uke. Dunno why. Awesome story except for the train when you made him all girly, it scared me.

Anywho, my vote is Rei/Kai/Tyson. Or, if that doesn't win, Rei/Kai. But I just cannot see Kai/Tyson, sorry.

Check your grammer! Thanks for the update.

8/20/2008 c8 30BurningWhiteTwilight
Yay! You updated! Anyway, stupid Harry. He always jumps to conclusions... have you noticed that or is it just me?

And I can't wait to see who finally gets together with Kai.

Update soon please!
8/20/2008 c8 62SchoolBoredom
oh wow that was so cool!

keep up the great work!

8/19/2008 c8 tamar
That was good. :)
8/18/2008 c7 Dani Hiwatari

well I must say this sequel is turning out to be very interesting

love the fact that kai is a wizard and voldy's son

also love the fact that rei and tyson are fighting over him

but I don't want him ending up with tyson, I prefer rei, suits him better, a lot of people like kai/tyson because of the whole 'there's only one step from hate to love' but when did they take that step?

anyways I'd like to see a little more of harry in the fic I know he's kinda giving kai the cold shoulder but still

oh and the only thing that kinda freaks me out is kai's girlyness I mean I was like WTF but I keep reading because the plot is a VERY good one, for real

oh and I really suggest you check your grammar carefully, I mean there are small things like 3ed it should be 3rd but this could be a typing mistake since the 'e' is next to the 'r' but anyways I suggest you checking on this so it's easier to read (I don't know if this happens to you but I get a tick in my eye whenever I see something spelled wrong)

I really like the fic and I wish you update very soon


Dani-chan non

PS: I ABSOLUTELY ADORE CHIBI! makes me think of kirara from inuyasha so cute and I also love kai blushing

PS 2: I'm kinda leaving the review for the whole "forgotten son" fic and every chapter so far of the sequel
8/17/2008 c7 Angel-chan
That was a great chapter!

I hope you upate soon!

Keep up the great work!
8/17/2008 c7 Io

I just love this story. I read "The forgotten son", "Why is it always me?" and this story to day, and they are so god.

This is the first review I have written, but this story I just needed to review.

I love all yaoi were Kai is uke(drool), but i not a fan of a threesome. I think it will be funny with Draco/Kai, or Harry/Kai, but my vote is Tyson/Kai. If they donĀ“t end op being together all three i hope Tyson or Rei going to be put together with some one from Hp.
6/27/2008 c7 7kris the ninja pirate
Wow, this story is really taking shape. I just read the first one and this one today. They are better then I thought they would be. So I'm happy about that.

And I like how you've made the chapters longer. Gives the reader more to look forward too.

I do have one bad thing though, the spelling needs work. I don't know if you have a beta or spell check. But you might want to look into both. It would make the story so much better. And I'm sure some one will be happy to Beta the story. Seeing as it's a fun plot and it's different then most I've seen.

And I guess I should throw my vote in too. Hmm, Just for the heck of it. (And my smutty mind) I vote for the sexy three! Give me three hot naked guys anyday! (Giggles, I just said Sexy...)

Tyson/Kai/Rei. Though I have a feeling they won't win. I think you should do all three. I mean, there are a ton of Kai/Rei stories out there. how many R/K/T Stories do you see? Like maybe two at the most.

Update soon and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with.

6/24/2008 c7 5Marsuss
Takao owns beyblade :P

strange how the owner of beyblade named the main character after himself xD and most make fun of Tyson by callin him a pig! :P lol

very nice! and glad u found a way to update!
6/23/2008 c7 tamar
funny chapter, so do all the teachers know Kai is voldemorts son? :)
6/23/2008 c7 1Timberstar
Hey Timberster in the house! I vote for Rei/Kai. I don't like Tyson/Kai pairing that much and a threesome... I don't want poor Kai to sufer. I'm sorta waiting for the chapter where Rei and Kai get together. Tata =^-^=
6/23/2008 c7 Nekoneko-kun
I vote Rei/Kai all the way. Never really liked Tyson/Kai. I just love this story! Update soon. Bye!
6/23/2008 c7 ExplainThisKlarissa
6/23/2008 c7 62SchoolBoredom
oh wow that was so cool!

I loved it!

keep up the great work!

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