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7/31/2008 c1 Intrigued Dreams
I love the start of this story. I can't wait for the next update.
5/20/2008 c1 Adeptis
Good story
4/25/2008 c1 TheGreatPyro
I can't wait for more chapters. The chapters sustain my life force. Update soon.

Also be sure to look over the story before sending it out for people to read. There were several word either left out or spelling mistakes. Also work on the whole length thing, I like the long chapters.
4/25/2008 c1 Gravity The Wizard
Nice start thought we saw the reaction of Tsunade I am left alitlle woder what where the reactions of Hinata. I mean I wonder how she will depart from the land of the living I am guessing it will not be pretty. O wel please hurry up with the Naru-Hina Naru needs some love hasn't he suffered enough.
4/25/2008 c1 9Dragon Man 180
I can't wait to see the NaruHina. Just try to make the next chapter longer. I suggest Neji learn from Soi Fon, they both use high speed physical attacks, so Neji could learn a lot from her!
4/25/2008 c1 pyro357
update soon
4/25/2008 c1 spedclass
Awesome chapter keep up the good work and update soon!
4/25/2008 c1 Knight-Wolf
An alright start to the story, the chapter was a bit short. Also you have way too many spelling errors. If you correct those things, it will help your story immensely.
4/25/2008 c1 scione
not a bad start.

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