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5/13 c18 3Penelope Valentine
This is amazing. Thank you so much for writing and sharing!
9/14/2021 c18 7ClockStrikesThree
This fic is amazing. Seriously, it is an absolute gem. Everyone was in character, and the plot was compelling and emotional. I need to go through and leave reviews on individual chapters because there’s so much good stuff I want to talk about and there’s not enough room to do it in one go

I would be delighted if you ever decide to continue this. If not, well, thank you for the excellent story, I really enjoyed it
2/5/2021 c18 34Kay Hau
This is beautiful! You tackle a realistic and painful topic in an incredibly mature and balanced way, and all the while being true to and respectful of all the characters involved! I absolutely could see Donnie slipping into a common(?) addiction like aspirin, especially coupled with a pretty much canon addiction he already has to caffeine/coffee! The tragic results and after affects were very well researched, even down to the psychology of not just Donnie but his family and friends. And again I do love how none of the characters feel like they’re being out-of-character, cruel, or self-righteous (it never felt like a rant/lecture), but the overall theme is family and love and how do we make this BETTER not just revel in the angst. It’s a solid and heartwarming story for all the drama, and I do hope it gets completed one day, but even if this is it, it’s definitely one I’ll be enjoying and rereading in the future. Into my favorites list, and thank you for a great read that both makes me think about a heavy topic like addiction while still enjoying a great story about family and belonging. Great job!
6/4/2020 c6 Its the future
I’ve come here 12 years later to tell you that this is a good fan fiction.
5/14/2020 c18 Guest
So, um, are you gonna update this ever? Please? Because this story is absolutely amazingly written and you shouldn’t abandon it! Seriously, love it so much!️
10/29/2018 c5 16Goshenite45
This is a refreshing approach on leo taking care of donnie:)
9/22/2018 c18 Guest
Powerful story.
2/12/2018 c18 yopurpledude
This is beautiful. PLEASE UPDATE
6/30/2017 c18 11Witch08
Please update! This fic is stupendous!
6/13/2016 c18 5obsessivecartoonlover
This story though man...
11/28/2015 c13 tmnt2003lover
Hi, i just know that i need to review this. There is only one thing that i could say about this fic. This fic is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! The whole plot, characteristc, emotions are all beautifully potrayed here. This is one of the most bestest tmnt fanfic i've ever had the pleasure to read. You are such a wonderful and gifted writer..i would LOVE to read more of your fics. Kudos
10/4/2015 c18 Bearprints
I loved this story so much thanks for writing it!
9/19/2015 c9 sophia
You know your stuff when it comes to medical info and addiction. Impressive. It does feel like you were tackling the 'issue' of addiction while using the characters to deliver the message. in that respect it was good. From the characters point of view though, I do feel they were abit hard on donnie verbally . He never would have got addicted to asprin in the first place had he not been infected. And he wouldn't have become obsessed with fixing everything if he hadn't seen the future and what happened to his family without him. No wounder he flipped his lid. He just wanted to protect them, which bring me to ask why didn't donnie tell them about that later, just so they could understand what trauma he has been tackling? I think that could have even been a course. To much pressure. Not to mention the fact that they all did expect to much from him. Becoming an addict is so dangerously easy. They acted right getting rid of everything, am just saying, they were not very understanding. Some of that responsibility was there's. However, very good story. Definitely an issue that needs addressing more. Good work.
7/31/2015 c1 raawr
6/22/2015 c18 DONATELLO
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