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6/4/2018 c94 GracieDoll28
Makes me think of a couple of these at the beginning where he falls asleep with the notes in his hand and on his bed, as well as how he loves homemade food
6/4/2018 c89 GracieDoll28
6/4/2018 c86 GracieDoll28
Lol I’m Al
6/4/2018 c85 GracieDoll28
Oh Ed :(
6/4/2018 c70 GracieDoll28
Omg im so gonna do that I actually kinda miss my brother. He still live with us, but I only see him a couple hours a day and during the weekend. It’s only been one week but it’s weird since he’s the one I’m closest with in my family.
6/4/2018 c55 GracieDoll28
Aw man this brings back some pain
6/4/2018 c51 GracieDoll28
6/4/2018 c33 GracieDoll28
I love the Briggs arc, too XD
6/4/2018 c20 GracieDoll28
This one is so sweet
6/4/2018 c17 GracieDoll28
I knew from the first line what the theme of this one was
6/4/2018 c10 GracieDoll28
Oof burns hurt. I spilled some boiling water an the inside of my thigh one time. A whole pot of it. :
6/4/2018 c3 GracieDoll28
*me, squealing, already way too invested in this*
6/4/2018 c1 GracieDoll28
Awww! I’m in love with this already
10/22/2015 c93 6Rebma726
Oh my goodness, I am now going to accept this as the way Ed and Winry get engaged. It's so cute!
8/17/2014 c28 16long live marshmallows
I'm panicking. I feel like I missed an entire chunk of the manga. What part was this!?
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