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5/8/2008 c13 189756hghy
Cool fic. Would you do one on cards?
5/8/2008 c12 20Kuroneko-sama07
Hehe... I love it; that sounds just like something Winry would do! =P Oh, and I hope your job interview goes well! (even though it's probably already happened by now. XD)
5/8/2008 c12 26Syolen
Who doesn't love tormenting the poor boy in some way or another ? ;)

Good luck for the interview !
5/8/2008 c12 2mcgthatsme
hahaha! I love this! I can totally see her doing this! :D
5/7/2008 c12 darklove4ever
Ha-ha, great and funny! Boys can be so entertaining sometimes. Good job, awesome chapter. Update ASAP~!
5/6/2008 c11 26Syolen
Oh yes, Ed would totally do that !
5/6/2008 c11 darklove4ever
Aww, so sweet! I loved it. Update soon. Your welcome, by the way. I love reviewing for this ficlet.
5/6/2008 c11 1Dead Revenge
He takes such good care of her! Naughty Edo, though. Shame on him, beating up other boys like that. Winry's probably like, "Sigh. There he goes again." I can totally see this (not Winry sighing but Ed doing this)! It's typical of him, isn't it? Silly lovers.
5/6/2008 c11 20Kuroneko-sama07
Cute! Yeah, I bet Ed was a troublemaker as a kid. Something tells me that both he and Al had probably been a bit of a handful for their poor mother! ^^ Anyway, I love how you depicted that he has been protective of her from the beginning. I love imagining a little Ed sticking up for Winry! =P
5/6/2008 c11 32KatsyKat
Com'on - cut yourself some slack! There's no "kind of like it" here! I loved this. You capture in such simplicity the complexity of their relationship. How wonderful an addition this was! Great job!
5/6/2008 c10 2mcgthatsme
aw! I love them. I can't wait to read more. Keep 'em coming!

...please. :)
5/5/2008 c10 20Kuroneko-sama07
I agree-I like seeing Ed care for Winry. I hate getting burned-it's the worst just because it seems to hurt like all day long, lol. Anyway, thanks for another great little piece! ^^
5/5/2008 c10 26Syolen
Sweet :)
5/5/2008 c10 1Dead Revenge
Poor guy, having to deal with Winry's various absentminded accidents. This one is really cute, too! Though, really, King was fantastic and my persuasive skills that I've been mentioning so often should be kicking in soon. I love that he gets so concerned about her! Ah now you're making me think... Expect something soon. Jeez, I'm being cryptic lately, aren't I? Well, I'll do the latter expectation today, I think. I've still got time... Yeah, that should work. Look forward to goodies! :)
5/5/2008 c10 darklove4ever
Great chapter. It was so cute! I love this story. :)
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