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5/5/2008 c10 6SilverStarlight7
Aww this is cute =]
5/5/2008 c10 32KatsyKat
Adorable! I love seeing him take care of her too! It happens so infrequently.

Suggestion: Especially in consideration of the shortness of your drabbles I would like to see you place your authors notes at the end. I always tell myself not to read them first because often you give away sone of your plot within them. And while I LOVE hearing your inner thoughts in the form of notes - I think you give away too much before we've had a chance to read the drabble.
5/4/2008 c9 20Kuroneko-sama07
Ooh, I love it! It is very short, but it totally makes up for it in just pure awesomeness. lol Wow, I can't believe how you can make two sentences just so sexy! =D
5/4/2008 c9 32KatsyKat
HaHaHA! Adorable. Short and sweet.

BTW - that Elric Omake manga - tres adorable! There's just something so adorable about Ed's little frustrated faces that turns me to goo! A very nice thing to see Hohenheim in a fatherly light. Very... logical solution (just like I imagine Ed would have) for a question about emotions. THanks again for sharing.
5/4/2008 c9 darklove4ever
Awesome chapter- I loved it and how creative you made it. It was funny and cute. It wasn't too short for me! Update again ASAP.
5/4/2008 c9 1Dead Revenge
Forget whatever I said EVER about having any other favorite, this is most definitely, certainly my very, very favortitest of favorites! So short, yet so sultry! Oh man and the whole "king me" thing, ah I've gotta use that on someone someday ha ha! M persuasive skills indeed. Goes for this one as well. That's all I'm gonna say about it! Till next time! :)
5/4/2008 c8 darklove4ever
Great chapter- adorable! I loved it. Update again soon!
5/4/2008 c8 32KatsyKat
Haha! Very cute! I love how seeing Ed all hot and bothered got Winry all hot and bothered. LOL Nicely done!
5/4/2008 c7 KatsyKat
Very cute. I loved how in this small snippit you built an even bigger story - eluding to the fact that Ed wasn't as keen on the shower as Winry and AL - and probably made it well-known that he wasn't interested in it (if we know anything about Ed) EVERY time it was mentioned. :D

I think it's one of the best things about your drabbles - they really do feel like the tinest glimpse of a much bigger picture. Great job!
5/4/2008 c8 26Syolen
Winry's so lucky... ;)
5/3/2008 c8 20Kuroneko-sama07
Oh yes, I love this one. ^^ Ed playing football... hehe, I don't know why that's funny to me. =P But yeah, Ed sounds totally sexy in this one (I feel weird typing that. XD), and as always, he has no idea what he does to poor Winry. Well, maybe not "poor Winry"... I'd say she's pretty lucky, haha!
5/3/2008 c8 1Dead Revenge
Ah! You made him so hot! Winry can't handle it, ha ha! Oh man I can just see him grinning all messy from the game and panting and ohmygoodness I want him! Thanks for putting this up, I will now have very happy dreams! Just wait, something nice will come to you if my persuasive skills are as good as I hope they are. :)
5/3/2008 c7 26Syolen
This one is so sweet and adorable. It's good to see the brothers home and relaxed :)
5/2/2008 c7 1Dead Revenge
This one is my new favorite, probably! It has such a nice atmosphere, very mellow and warm. And I love how you opened it; the first paragraph was a good little set up bit. And just seeing them all happy, watching the sky together is so nice! And of course, I love the bit where he grabs her hand! :) I like the idea of prompts! I wish I'd known people were doing it, and then it kind of clicked in my head and I was like, "She's using prompts? Damn, I want some, too!" Ha ha but I'll probably go on, see where my wandering mind takes me, you know? Until next time!
5/2/2008 c7 darklove4ever
Adorable chapter- it was so great! I love it. Thanks for updating so frequently.
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