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for Dizzy up the girl

10/28/2021 c1 9GabouSW
aww I love chichi and Vegeta as siblings. I don't know why, I guess it's my headcanon
8/24/2016 c5 77Reda
hehehe the stuff with their tails is cute
1/14/2015 c3 1Mew57
This is so weird... If they're saiyans then why dont they beat the shit out of that creepy asshole already! Why holding back?! :o
1/14/2015 c2 Mew57
Vegeta... big brother... A match maker too! Wow . I never read a story where he and Chichi are siblings but it was a nice one :)
1/14/2015 c1 Mew57
Awww goku wants her and she wants him too... Fuck social circles and they should get together fast!
3/1/2014 c4 Chichi musa Lynn
OMG That's so cruel. Poor chichi
3/1/2014 c1 Chichi musa Lynn
I'm just to lazy to log in anyway I think I'm already falling in love with this story. Nice writing. Looking toward to reading the other chapters
12/31/2011 c5 2ClaryXJaceAssassinSkyrimfan
this is a great story soo far! I really REALLY wonder where yashumi is!

Yashumi is such a jerk! well i hope you update soon! :D
2/6/2010 c3 Oro
i really like this story in the beginnen...but when the saiyan thing startet...it kinda broke...

(yeah...im a mad cow to english)
2/21/2007 c3 1BulmaB1
I think that revising is the best thing you have done with this story. My chapt should be going uo tonight, be excited!
2/21/2007 c3 Sweet-n-Sour-Vixen
I love you story, I love it the first time you posted it, I prolly review under a different name back then but I'm glad you revising you stroy!
2/25/2003 c5 2Sweet Persephone
*grumbles* stupid fido dog-


could this fic please be updated!


bye bye bye bye
1/4/2003 c9 Silent Dreamer3
ohh i really hope you get more up. i love this!
12/20/2002 c9 1BulmaB1
We're potheads!
12/11/2002 c9 Alisha
Oh my God can u please write more chapter I seriously just love all u story can u please write more chapter please I begging Kami please
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