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for Dizzy up the girl

12/1/2002 c1 2Sweet Persephone

11/16/2002 c9 Sweet Persephone
oh noo...
11/8/2002 c4 Sweet Persephone
*recovering from the blonde stage

I cant believe I went blonde again

*shakes head

anyway stupid blonde stage made me forget to complain last chapter...

Why is Chi-chi a saiyan? How Is Vegeta her brother? why is her mother saiyan? wouldn't it be her father? how is Vegeta a saiyan in this relation?

questions and no answers

*shakes head

Anyway I gotta gripe...

No.1 This story confuses me

No.2 The fact that Chi-chi is a saiyan bothers me

No.3 being confused is what I hate

No.4 was that last chapter corny? OR WHAT!




blondish brunette
11/8/2002 c3 Sweet Persephone
Wait a sec another question.

well actually a statment


I cant believe I didn say that earlier. *darkpride turns from smart brunette to dumb blonde* like really

I've read so amny storys but I never did read one were like Vgeta was like Chichi's sister.
11/8/2002 c2 Sweet Persephone
ohohohohohohoh Chi-chi a goth? What the hell! AHAHAHAHAHHEHE uh yeah well I like your story and well I see n faults except for aint that making out scene...ah hell just keep at it!
10/21/2002 c9 Monique but everybody call me chi-chi
I love this fic please cont. with this fic a want to know if Kakarot going to catch ChiChi and Bulma please come out with it soon BYE!
6/27/2002 c9 bella
you had't postedin a while so i pushed this fic. into my forgoten fic. folder. bu when i checked on it today you had updated 2 chapters! it was amazing! you can't stop there. you have to update soon.
6/12/2002 c9 136Lady Nightshade
interesting though not big on the drug thing
6/5/2002 c2 9Saiyajin Princess Chichi
Hey fateshope, im petty sure i removed your reveiws but anyways. no im not a lesbian, im 100% straight!(and luving jeff 0_~) wait I just thought of sumthing...LAST TIME I CHECKED I NEVER ASKED YOU FOR YOUR OPINION BITCH AND I DONT INTEND ON IT... if u have anythig to say im me on aol and say you little pussy! screw you bitch! and thanks to everyone who has read and reveiwed... I like creative critisizm ...and need it so i know what im doing wrong.
5/25/2002 c7 Dew777
i really like this story!keep them chaps comin:)

see ya
4/15/2002 c7 19Nofretete
Wow! That's a really really cool story and I hope you'll write more soon!

I like this Chichi+Vegeta's relationship, but also Goku+Chichi's.
1/24/2002 c7 11Blu3 Gaz3tt3
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. =*)
1/15/2002 c7 bulmab
1/5/2002 c7 Bella
I'm so glad you finally decided to post chaptr 7! i've benn waiting for it!good job, and goodluck on those mid term- their a pain in the ass!
1/4/2002 c7 koneko212
i usually don't like gokuxchi chi fics, but this one i liked. please continue.
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