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1/4/2002 c7 136Lady Nightshade
Cool girl
1/4/2002 c6 Neo Kei
Whoa. I certainly didn't see that coming. *Kei and Yuri look at each other nervously* Uh...I'm glad that they got all of that settled.

Yuri: That's what she wants us to think. Things aren't together...yet. *Yuri shivers* Ugh...brother and sister. I need to wash my eyes out.

Kei: Well onto the next chapter.
12/18/2001 c6 2LockNRoll
could be a lot better, but i like the storyline
12/16/2001 c6 136Lady Nightshade
cool girl
12/16/2001 c6 1BulmaB1
i liked yur idea of having a prolougue to that chapter it was a good i dea and veggie is alitle too close to her. but hell love bulma soon enough!
12/16/2001 c6 11Blu3 Gaz3tt3
awwwwwwwww. when's the next chappy?
11/20/2001 c5 mei
very interesting! itz a great ficcie! write sum more soon, k? thanks
11/19/2001 c5 Neo Kei
What? Well then...how did Narissa and Mikey know where Kakarrot and ChiChi were if Vegeta didn't? Hmmm...this seems to be a mystery. But, I'm too tired right now to jump...I mean come to any conclusions. So I look forward to the next chapter. You're doing a really good job.
11/19/2001 c5 136Lady Nightshade
11/19/2001 c5 1BulmaB1
i love it lov itlove it love it! amazing i need you to edit mine so *M*U*A*H* loved it!
11/7/2001 c4 Neo Kei
Wow that was really good. You definitely have my attention. Damn ff.net for not having favorite stories and authors up and running. Otherwise I'd add this to my fav. Oh well I look forward to the next chapter.
11/4/2001 c4 BulmaB1
OoOoOoOoOoOoh! I loved it it was the best im gnna send you my third chapter for you soon ok! I loved it!
11/4/2001 c4 Fasha
I think this is really good. You should keep going. At first i was shocked to read tat you made Vegeta and Chichi siblings- but you really made it work out. And don't listen to Mokona; everyone else loves it , including me.
11/3/2001 c4 Pan2k
11/3/2001 c4 136Lady Nightshade
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