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12/28/2008 c25 MdX MaxX
I love this story, most of the events were not very predictable and it kept it interesting, and the characters are definitely themselves! Hope the ending is good!
12/28/2008 c25 9Pretty.Pretty.Butterfly
yay! new chapter! -does crazy new-chapter-dance- whe!

ahem...well...that was great! I've missed this ficcy so much...:'( but now its BACK! yay!

-huggles katalina- love this story...and your other one, don't forget about that one! :(

update son (on either of your stories ;) )

love ya,

PPB x (ps, changed my name back btw ;)
12/15/2008 c24 20Freshman19
AH! you MUST continue this story! I love it! you were right a few chapters ago, you'll never see a MobyxAllegra pairing anywhere on here. 5 stars!
11/4/2008 c24 9Pretty.Pretty.Butterfly
oh cliffie! is it moby at the door? hm? -gives up-

I'm sure I'll find out in the next chappie.

cool chapter, elise nd allegra's chat was great. love love it. but poor viggo -shrugs- ah well, he can get over it with...em...psymon? -nervous laugh...runs away screaming-

P.P.B x x x
11/4/2008 c24 didnotstopweepingforninedays
YAY, Moby's back! Is this story nearly over? It started to seem like it, but now I'm not so sure... UPDATE!
10/30/2008 c23 CoLLiSIOn
OMG! you updated yay! lol more please! lol

- CoLLSiOn
10/29/2008 c23 Wild-sunshine
Sorry for the double review, but i was reading your reviews (and getting jealous. lol, jk jk, i luv your story) and yeah... the suggestion about kicking Viggo's @$$ up and down the mountain made me die laughing. and yeah, i love love love Viggo, but wow is he a jerk to everyone. i don't wanna see him hospitalized lol, but i'd sure like to see Mac or someone teach him a lesson.

lol. 'lies! All lies!' i love that.
10/28/2008 c23 3Gleeful Melancholy
ahh! I'm so glad you updated this thing! Elise is on fyah, I love how she's on top of everything. The party scene was cute, I loved how relaxed Allegra was being back with everyone...I was kinda surprised that she missed Viggo at all, considering...Moby...

Speaking of Viggo, I hope this chapter involves someone kicking his a$$ up and down the mountain. Literally. Not by beating him in a race, but like, hospitalizing him. Congratulations on making me feel a very strong emotion towards a fake character! ;P

Well, this chapter was worth the wait, but that cliffie is almost painful. @ Update soon!
10/28/2008 c23 9Pretty.Pretty.Butterfly
hi's katalina! wassup? lol nevr mind. great chapter v. interesting...that and the fact that I've been dying for an update for this! lol.

I wanna see where the chat with elise goes and i just luurve mac in this chapter (I'm smitten) -sighs dreamily-

lol good job, i use lol a lot dont I?, and update son.

hugs and kisses

P.P.B x x x

P.S. - I lurve this part - 'Mac: Lies! All lies! I invented that word, yo!' lol that is the best part of the chapter -wipes tear from eye- pure gold...
10/26/2008 c23 45wild-sunshine
Awesome! I love Mac and how he thinks he invented the word 'yo'. You keep them all so true to character, too! Can't wait for anotehr update!
9/24/2008 c22 wild-sunshine
Wow... i read all 22 chapters today, and i can't wait to see what happens next! Poor Viggo... lol i'm not used to him liking girls. I cried when Nate got fired..

Update really soon please! This is so awesome!
9/19/2008 c22 9Pretty.Pretty.Butterfly
...omg...omfg...XD he KISSED her? omg...you should have seen my face when I read that part, I was all, omfg! Moby did WHAT! XD lol good one. interesting chappie can't (and I mean can't) wait for more! -puppy dog eyes- pwetty pwease? one more chappie? -sniffle sniffle- XD yet again, great story. Keep it up -wink- and you're right, I have NEVER seen an Allegra and Moby pairing on fanfic apart from this. =O lol update soon -crosses fingers and starts praying for an update to miraculously appear- aw...-no update appears- -sniffle sniffle- XD update soon me can't waitey! XD lol
9/17/2008 c22 3Gleeful Melancholy
lol that's just a turning point? this is turning into a full-fledge novel, i love it! your last two chapters were awesome, and i meant to say about the last one that it was plenty interesting for a chapter where "not much was supposed to happen." :)

i don't think anyone's going to hate you for this pairing (not only because all the ssx fanfic writers are gone, lol) because it all occurred naturally and believably. (Stockholm syndrome!) once i even made a challenge for random-ass SSX pairings, and this one is really fresh. well, you've heard it all before, I like both of your stories, I'm glad there's no end in sight for either, and i'm sorry i don't have anything constructive to say to you. :) take care
9/17/2008 c22 13Collision
OH SNAP! haha are they finally gunna get caught?AHH i cant wait for an update! and by the way im proud of you for comppleteing a story, even though its not yet done, i believe in you :D

- CoLLiSiOn
9/17/2008 c22 didnotstopweepingforninedays
WAHOO! Loved that chapter, except I'm kinda sad about the whole Moby/Allegra thing, I was really starting to like Allegra/Viggo. Update soon please!
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