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3/20/2020 c3 Guest
5/21/2012 c3 ALEJANDRA
Great chapter! I've just started to read fics about Zoy in the last two weeks -since I found out that my chosen pairing become canon.

I love your fics all of them, but I wanted to know something. The sentences that Quinn says to Michael in spanish are suposed to make no sense?(some of them do, but other makes no sense at all)

Im just asking, because I'm from a spanish speaking oountry (what should explain my lack of english grammar) and I found them weird.

Besides that everything is great, I love the Quogan. And I'm awaiting the next chapter anxiously.
7/1/2009 c3 countingthestars12
Aw this was so cute! Update soon, please! :)
1/2/2009 c3 5LilyPSuzeSMiaM
Oh! Truth or Dare, huh? You should probably give quinn a question like 'who do you like/love?' That would be awesome!
11/29/2008 c3 29Astalavisbay
Aw. My fav prank was Logan. Its so sweet that he wouldn't cheat on Quinn even with the hottest girl on campus...Who'm I kiddin? I love the Dean one the best! MOAR POWER TO THE CHEESE!
10/30/2008 c3 MightiestHeroes
aww i really want to see if the girls find out logan't dating quinn...
9/26/2008 c3 xmiemiex
luv it
9/15/2008 c3 7smileybubbles08
I guess you've abandoned this story, but I just wanted to let you know that I like it and I think it could turn out really good if you ever did decide to pick it back up. But that's okay if you don't.
9/10/2008 c1 Samaire
Or is there going to be anymore Quogan in this story? Oh well, even if there isn't, please continue. It's one of my favorites so far,it's just so massively funny and fun!
9/10/2008 c3 Samaire
I love a long chapter/story as long as it's well written, which this most definitely is! I hope you continue this because it's turning out to be just really funny and a whole lot of fun, and of course I can't wait until the real Quogan moments start. They are always so great and so much fun!
9/8/2008 c3 HLTMY
please update! i want to read the rest of this story! its so funny!
9/6/2008 c3 26PUCKurt up buttercup
heyy. i know you havent updated this in awhile, but its really funny and you should keep it going. XD
6/24/2008 c3 69The Sushi Monster
Pwahahahaaha. Hilarious stuff, this is. I loved the last one the best, definitely. Though the one on Mark wasn't that bad...

Love the Quogan.

And ToD is gonna be interesting, is it not?
6/23/2008 c3 michaela
omg this story is hilarious why did you stop writing you have to write more i love it...
6/19/2008 c3 Ronmione x3
Haha, I adore the little Quogan moments, I kinda hope Quinn just blurts out their secret in front of Zoey and Lola. Haha, poor guys, though! xD I really hope you continue this story, it's great! =-)
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