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7/8 c2 11Sweetie7smiled
One of the benefits of being married: is that people (definitely including parents!) now see you as a unit. So there is absolutely -no need- for them to be separated! Why would they subject themselves to this? Besides the fact that Bella would have made all her solo goodbyes -before- their honeymoon... and she wasn't in the habit of going fishing with Charlie before, so why would she now? It doesn't make sense. Everything they do to visit with family at this point, it is completely reasonable for them to do as a unit if they want to at all.

And Emmett -can't- have done that accidentally. They're newlyweds, for crying out loud! I'm surprised Edward could stand for it.

Anyway, aside from the circumstantial premises that really don't make sense, I do really like seeing how you write E&B's interactions: very sweet and romantically in-character. It's refreshing to read! Those are my favorite parts (especially those you have written from Epov).

Thanks for writing! :)
6/22/2011 c6 mintgil
great story so far. please update soon
5/22/2011 c2 1patiicm
AMAZING! This will definitely be in my favorites.
1/12/2011 c2 bookworm231
Awww indeed! love you! love your stories! keep writing! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!
4/3/2009 c6 KaitlynA14
This story is great! Is it the end though? i really hope not! I really would like to hear more on Edward, Jacobs, and Bellas story!


2/3/2009 c5 1amyylasee
wow i did like this 1.

i loved the ending lol.

it would be good tocontinue to see were they finally decided to head?


ive never read a AxJ story before and i gt to admit i am a fan =D



2/3/2009 c4 amyylasee
i no im a little late reading this and people have probly wrote loads of reviews but ya no,

i gta admit im not a fan of jacob. i mean i like him and that but i din't no i just don't oh i don't no lol.

but i gta admit this was a superb chapter!

i love the way jacobs thoughts popped in and edward took advantages lol.



1/17/2009 c6 6Way 2 HP Obsessed
so what ever happened to eddy and jaccob?
1/17/2009 c2 Way 2 HP Obsessed
i like this, its cute...poor jasper
1/15/2009 c6 2effulgent.fred
Holy crap! You stopped there? You need to update soon or else I'll, I'll...well, I don't know what I'll do, but I know it will be bad. It may not be bad for you, but it will be for me! I became addicted to this story and it just stopped! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! Your stories are all really good and I must read them!
1/12/2009 c1 2BlackSurmise
I love your stories, and I am very happy that you don't take them as far as some people do (a.k.a. lemons) because it IS a private matter, usually not something one should write about. Anyhoo, LOVE YOUR STORIES!
11/28/2008 c6 4BubbiGurl23
Ohh noes :( No more chapters
11/28/2008 c5 BubbiGurl23
love the chapter El. you need to make more AtJ chapters
11/28/2008 c4 BubbiGurl23
nice. I dont like Jacob. He needs to go die in a hole. I love him with Nessie but him trying to steal Bella is not Kool Aid
11/28/2008 c3 BubbiGurl23
what colour is cool aid? I dont think we have it here in the Land Of Aus
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