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5/29/2009 c4 2TillyMe
duh duh duh!*cue creepy music*

sweet story!:)
4/17/2009 c3 shoelacesuntied-exb
great story! god job :D
11/14/2008 c4 56Gravenimage
Awesome story I don't think Sakura hasn't given up on Naruto she loves him too much to let him she's really upset for him breaking her heart but what about all the pain she caused him in his childhood I think they are now even update soon.
6/5/2008 c1 13narusakufan1985
This is a good story. Please continue. Naruto and Sakura forever.
6/5/2008 c5 6Innocent Shadow-Chan
really..? Summers just starting for me
6/5/2008 c5 GisIzzy
thats sad, but ill still continue to read this story and anyother that i write
6/5/2008 c5 1HumbleBeast
ooh... i'm so sad...*sniff* *sniff* ...sai
6/5/2008 c4 2Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain
Too bad you are going on hiatus for couple months. Been there did that, ver 'troublesome' as one would say. lol.

The question I have is Why would you chose Sai 'emo-sasuke copy anyone'? Sai is still very lacking of social skills let alone read or know his own feelings. So would he say 'I love her' is very odd and out of place. Maybe in a different context...bro/sis relationship like Sasuke with Sakura. Romantically, kinda hard to see without really good reason for Sai to think otherwise, considering he calls Sakura a 'old dog' or 'old hag'.

The other thing, Naruto is that weak in that fight, I mean? What did Naruto do all this time? Definitely not sit on his ass, the only other thing he would be doing is train to become stronger and think of Sakura. Anything that concerns Sakura, the emotion of Naruto makes him go into overdrive such as Kyuubi coming out. So in otherwords, I can see both Sai and Naruto have evil look to them when they sparred until to the point of collapse.

I mean, you made it Naruto gave up to easy against anyone even in a spar. This just not only really weird for Sai to show anything. Having Naruto look weaker after he came back than he really is not a really good drama (almost anti-climax for the chapter). It would had been more tense if Sai stabs Naruto, Sai does his confession of bro/sis relationship with Sakura, they both stare at each other with evil look, only Naruto comes out a bit more. All hell breaks loose. Then leave the chapter at that point as cliffy for the real fight.

Two things stick out, Sai's weird and out place connection with his so called 'declaration' (sorry, but Sai really has no idea what he is talking about, need to crawl before he can walk before he can run) and Naruto being more weaker than anything when he returns doesn't seem right like he didn't do anything.

Overall, the chapter was fair. Though the Sai's 'confession' does really seem out of place. Naruto being weaker than a baby when he returns. Both kinda take away any tension (Sai can have an evil look? not really, angry maybe evil no, that's Naruto area I think).


PS. I wondering if you think my suggestion of the cliffy if you read through my review any better of improvement to what you have. BTW, Sakura think Sai no more than a friend or brother (think emo-copy of sasuke).
6/1/2008 c4 shoelacesuntied-exb
hi!..nice story..needs little improvement though but good! ;]
6/1/2008 c4 8DrendeSalkash
not bad. didn't expect Sai to be the opposing figure for Sakura's affection, so it's new to me
6/1/2008 c4 1KunochiDreamer
Good chapter.
5/31/2008 c4 46Animaman
Pretty intense. So will the kyubi be making his grand appearance?
5/31/2008 c4 6Innocent Shadow-Chan

i would read it
5/31/2008 c4 15Raven the Ravenous
Of the three, I have no idea what a daisho is. Wakizashi is a short sword and kodachi is in-between a katana and a wakizashi. Good thing I was reading RK. ^^

Sai bad? Well...he does have a way with words...a very bad (and vulgar) way. -; Let's hope no one dies seeing as this fic isn't classified in the Angst. I actually like Sasuke like this...when he isn't being a jerk and out for revenge. ^^ Well, jerk mostly. Even if revenge is bad...if there is a motive and reason, I will listen and then judge.

If you wrote a fic about another pairing or an AU? Well...I'd first have to see what it is. I'm not particularly a huge fan of AUs but I don't hate them.
5/31/2008 c4 SakuraSH
nice chapter , thanks for updating !
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