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for Racog Prince

8/27/2014 c12 yumilover
6/22/2011 c4 Anime Fan 295647
That was something I will love
6/22/2011 c1 Anime Fan 295647
I bet the secret is something good and big
11/5/2010 c9 14dark shadowed rose
You had been reading twilight when you named the king and queen hadn't you?
8/24/2010 c12 13Alexavis
Good story i love it
9/17/2008 c12 7jrub910
9/17/2008 c1 jrub910
really good
8/23/2008 c12 21Elvin Magi
It's good, could be better and a lil' cliche but overall pretty good :)
8/23/2008 c12 HalcyonDaze807
Cliche, yes. This story ended really weirdly. Did you make it up on the spot? I was thinking that. So yeah all the chapters up until now were good. Every chapter... EXCEPT...Chapter 12.
8/11/2008 c10 1iSkywalker
Dude luv the story but seriously stop with these cliffhangers your driving me crazy! -.-
8/10/2008 c10 4Paula-Ana
8/10/2008 c4 Paula-Ana
good story update
8/10/2008 c1 Paula-Ana
up date
7/21/2008 c7 21Elvin Magi
I don't hate you... but you shouldn't do a cliffhanger every chapter
7/13/2008 c7 doodle-chan
about smuckin time u update! now load teh next chapter! jk... heres a cookie.*hands over a cookie* now i shall go back to listening to meh new paramore cd *they rock*
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