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6/8/2010 c1 29AshleyInWriterland
I really enjoyed this. I love the idea of the mirror being broken because Sweeney refuses to see what he has turned himself into...which makes me feel all the more bad for him.
6/16/2009 c1 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
Just brilliant.
7/10/2008 c1 3Shadowstar513
Ya know? That's actually good. And kind *cough* deep without bein' cheesy. I like it! So there!

5/20/2008 c1 60AngelofDarkness1605
Beautiful! You know to say so much with so little words.

I love it that he destroyed the mirror, and that "He did not look like that" returns a few times :)
5/7/2008 c1 7Nijaded
Hey! I like this. I got what you were trying to say, but it wasn't too simple or anything. Very pretty. :]
5/2/2008 c1 11Winnywriter
Oh...me likey! *is inspired to write Sweeney Todd poetry*
5/1/2008 c1 9Lady Nuit
NIce it must say i myself am a published poet and this is really good! you know i don;t know how old you are but if you are in high school or younger you can publish this if you want.

Keep the poetry or stories up! ;p
5/1/2008 c1 3xlawa
The repitition of "He did not look like that" was brilliant.

I thoroughly enjoyed this :)
5/1/2008 c1 11Shiro Anubis
Hmm could be longer but yes i got it... sad hehe
4/30/2008 c1 17CrypticCalico
To put it simply: I loved it. I don't usually read poetry, but I know that you're an amazing author, and this did not disappoint me in the slightest. Poetry is very deep, it gets more into emotions, personal anxieties and whatnot. I can really see this happening in my mind's eye: Sweeney perhaps catching a glance of himself in a mirror, hating the way he looks and how he's changed, then breaking the mirror in a rage as if it could erase the image of his face from his own mind.

Makes me feel sorta sorry for him, we all know how adorable he really is XD

Anyways, brilliantly written. Hope to read more soon!

-C.C. :)

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