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7/28/2012 c5 Guest
7/3/2011 c5 xXpiex
Please update! Its awesome! And if you're taking can you make Person somehow change into a nicer person? Cause in the anime he has a horrible past so i want him to change into a icer person :) i already know he is not a real person but i think doing that is nicer like how you help a cat if its hurt anyways PLEASE UPDATE! and ill give you a box of howlans or however you spell it (mikan do it! And share the howlans with me)

~ from a huge pie loving fan of yours
12/8/2010 c1 1MourningBlack
I have to say, you might need a beta reader... or something. I like both the Indonesian and English one, but the Indonesian is written more expertly than this one~

I'm half Indonesian and Bruneian, I can help you if you want, you can ignore that~ :P

~ MourningBlack over and out~ :)
11/4/2010 c4 6Queen Lucy The Valient
you really need to work on your grammar but other then that this story is pretty good
11/13/2009 c5 3XxMidnightPrincessxX
hello...anyone home?... WHY DIDN'T YOU UPDATE! YOU SAID YOU WOULD!

ah-hmm... I mean, please continue...
9/4/2009 c3 LittleMissPurpleMing
the story's good but the whole thing's WRONG GRAMMAR!
7/11/2009 c5 emerald325
u say update to much at the end -.- but anyways great chapter ! although u updated soo long ! i hope u update soon ! cant wait til next chapter ! i hope that u wont take that long XD
10/9/2008 c4 1natsumikanlover
Haha funny...
10/7/2008 c2 10AYUMU10
shape-cat locket

It should be cat shaped locket...You really should improve your grammar, punctuations and other more things...
10/7/2008 c1 AYUMU10
Your grammar is really really WRONG! You could've been a good writter but! your grammar is so wrong!
8/26/2008 c3 3thestarwanderers
wow! I really want to know what will happen next

hope you update it soon

mikanxnatsume 4 ever
7/18/2008 c3 Xx-tenshi-Seika-xX
Hope you update soon!
7/1/2008 c3 EFFYOU
aw3sp,3! super intersting!

hope you update soon
6/25/2008 c2 10cerespallas
Please don't feel hurt by my reviews, okay? ;)

This story might be compromising but you do need a beta. English grammar by itself is too much to learn, especially when you're not native. So far I managed to understand the story and I think it was great, but the lack of proper writing make my head hurt. I'd love to beta you but considering I'm not the type who would hold back all my thoughts regarding a story, I leave that up to you.

For someone who wasn't an english native, you're doing okay. I'm not English native myself and it took me quite a while to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you'll do fine.

And that was all. Don't get discouraged and keep on writing!

(^ ^)


P.S: (sebetulnya sih ceritanya bagus dalam bahasa Indonesia ;))
6/7/2008 c2 1natsumikanlover
Cute.. Hope you could update soon...
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