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7/16/2011 c15 Savaris
That Wes guy was just sad. Peanut gallery aside, it's now the arc that is going to rock... how hard will be up to you.

It looks like that Chao has no idea how hard the Knight's armor, if Mana's sniping run was any indication. Hisao's got the megalomania thing going for him after his continued imposed loneliness... give im three spinning dots on each eyes and he's set. I'm eager to see what changes that will come to be in this continuity.
7/15/2011 c14 Savaris
Gah! I missed this chapter! I only got to this after re-reading the whole thing!

My blunder aside, I'm curious as to from just where this "Josephine" popped out from... Wilhelm, I get but the stuff from Reina's side is still hazy. Though I don't think whatever past Reina has could be as big as Asuna has, if you ever employ the "Save the Magical World's Existence Arc".

Reina's pactio with Fate was kind of a giveaway since it's a shovel (though what makes it significant would probably be explained later) and whoever possessed her was linked to Fate who could turn people to stone if he felt like it... the second one with Negi, the shield would be tricky since it would be cumbersome in those high speed battles they'd encounter and it's ability to draw attacks would turn out badly with heavy hitters and Reina seems to have an... intolerance in using magic and her knight won't be any help with the rising level of opponents, it'll be a walking scrap.

So many questions on the technology side with Hisao lurking around and Chao's schemes with the festival arc approaching makes for the next chapters to look forward to.
7/4/2011 c11 Savaris
Got to say that you do well in blending your story with canon I'll hand you that. And now that someone noticed Reina's quirk, hopefully there would be progress in the succeeding chapter to at least get rid of most of the stutter.

Reina's mother, is it that she was a valkyrie from Ariadne? What with the sword, armor and all.
7/4/2011 c10 Savaris
Ah, so that's why she's spooked around girls... and Negi (and several incarnations of him) should try to keep a reign on his "shoneness", though I suppose since this is Negi this advice is shot down. The dangers that he will face if he keeps involving other people (females) not so much from antagonists but from the bloodbath that ensues from some of his partners when the dummkopf hits puberty...
7/4/2011 c9 Savaris
Well, at least my suspicions about Mr. Verliane were on the money.

On this chapter, we I see that Hisao really is a brooding emo boy with some... vendetta? Obsession? For his sister, Reina... he's trying to convince her of something (and in extension himself) and he wants to stay on top of her, he's competitive or feels inadequate? I think his role and Corentin's is to supervise those mechs and Chao is going to Hook Hisao up to those "mid-boss level" giant mechs she'll let lose... Hope he feels that "Jovis Tempestus" spell that Negi is going send into one of those in the gut in one point.

And so we a see glimpse into Reina's past that she had a good enough childhood with her "brother" still intact. Still no explanation to her phobia though, which is kind of starting to grate on me.

On Chao's part, I'm kind of dubious as if she can blush at that point, if it's about logic, she'd be one up having sold her soul to science and all. Ah, this one is minor, just a slight slip on to the OC side is all.
7/3/2011 c8 Savaris
Well, Kyoto Arc's done and done (still good, by giving focus to relevant scenes in general though this chapter was rushed). What still amuses me till this day is that no-one canon or this fic has anyone freaking out from mechs flying around...

Nah, this IS that world where a gynoid attends a class without people noticing said gynoid robotic implements, an eternally repeating loli, or giant, animatronic dinosaurs running amok during the start of a yearly festival with the hazard of crushing absentminded ten-year old teachers... I just keep in mind the MST3K Mantra, it helps big time. Ah, just had to get this off my chest.
7/3/2011 c7 Savaris
Having Kaede early on as a partner would make things somewhat easier on Negi's load on the combat portions though I think that those times are necessary for Negi to have gained experience having a higher difficulty in things.

Hope that Nodoka gets her pactio somewhere in the succeeding chapters, can't deny that she proves invaluable later on. Though it's to be seen if her artifact would even be needed if your going to cut this short before the festval or Ala Alba arc...

Those aside, you've been spelunking in fallout haven't you? And is Corentin... ugh, yaoi for Hisao? Is Hisao an emo out for revenge because his family/clan was brutally murdered? Up next..!
7/3/2011 c5 Savaris
Seeing that you've got chapters ahead after this one means that you've probably decided the route your work is going to take, be it slightly canon or a different reality altogether I'll have to see. Though Reina's suspicion of Setsuna seems unfounded and it looks like Fate won't go the Kosmo entele-what's-it route(?). To be fair I don't know when this particular chapter was written and how far the manga has gone.

So, you know of the Fonz?
7/1/2011 c4 Savaris
I get the feeling Chao might be this "mysterious employer"... Now I'm getting really curious as to why Reina's scared of her own gender, and here's hoping she gets over apologizing so much in the following chapters, even Negi wasn't that bad and she sure as hell ain't Shinji Ikari!
6/30/2011 c3 Savaris
Ah, so the chapter leading to this is before the Kyoto Arc? I made a wrong guess from my earlier comment, my bad.

Reina's certainly an interesting character, I mean a girl afraid of girls? Usually it's the opposite gender. Guess I'm stereotyping on that one, but can't deny it gives her character a quirk (like the rest of her classmates, though she might soon find their "quirks" are raised up to eleven).

And yes Reina, Haruna's a pervert.
6/30/2011 c2 Savaris
I'm surprised that Asuna didn't freak out from Negi's injuries. She's usually the one fussing over him and and the crazy stunts he pulls. I think in the timeline this is somewhere after Negi got apprenticeship under Eva though in canon they utilized the resort much later in the series.

Now that I think about it, I'm wondering how Reina is going to fit in with Negi's side of the world (on magical matters). In some point, Negi would be badass that backup, even from a 40 ft mech or a gynoid (though gynoid's company is still preferred) would feel... Obsolete?

Finally, judging from what "Hisao" said earlier, him and Reina come from some race that's not human? So it seems that they have no knowledge of magic if he claims theirs as "superior".

Well, if anything else, you got your innuendos down pat.
6/30/2011 c1 Savaris
Interesting. So, since Reina has been downloaded to the mech, her original body is vulnerable or rather in an inactive state, right?

What is Negi's relation with Reina going to be, I wonder? Chao might have an idea seeing that she is, well... Unless of course this is on a completely different reality altogether... Guess I'll just have to read on.

On another note, this somehow also reminds me of "Demonsbane" or rather "Deus Machina Demonbane" either the anime or VN will do. I mean, Negi's a mage in a mech! Looking forward to more of this fic already!
5/3/2011 c14 1OBSERVER01
once again good chapter.i look forward to what reina will accomplish in the future
5/2/2011 c14 9The Ansem Man
Congrats on reaching the third birthday (but I regret to inform you that I don't play Parasite Eve, so no jokes about that)!

Present tense is still something I have to get used to. As well, I've got to deal with catching up with past events. I'm glad to have read over your story and checked it for mistakes, though I'm not as good and precise as others.

Reina is still a wonderful character, struggling against her crazy vices. She might be a little center stage for angry anti-Sues, but she does well enough to stay interesting and not screw the universe to her favor.

I'll keep reading and proofing. Enjoy.
5/2/2011 c14 2Dimitri Fate
As always, fantastic. Been quite a while since I made a review, but I have been around since this first started. Heck, I still remember Bard Moon Rising. Keep up the great work and a Happy Birthday to FIM.
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