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6/7/2013 c1 3malugargula
Loved it
5/17/2008 c2 10Luna Calamity
aw...so kawaii doofus. ^^ that was cute and fluffy. i liked it. Is there gonna be more?
5/16/2008 c2 5DiscoLemonadeDiva
YAY. I totally luv Chlean, finally Chlo has wound up with someone who will actually appreciate her. NOT JIMMY. So really cool. And I hope that I am redeemed. You know what I'm talking about. BUT ANYWAYS. Totally amazing.
5/15/2008 c2 Angela
Aw, this is sweet. For some reason I never pictured Chloe and Dean together, but this is good. She would keep him grounded and he would provide the exciting side to her life(he could add excitement to dirt with that smile). You know he usually goes for the bimbo type which Chloe is definitely not, but I like this, this is good. More please...
5/15/2008 c2 hotforjensen101
Yay. Thanks that rocked. I love it.
5/4/2008 c1 hotforjensen101
I'd love to know Dean's thoughts on this day just Chloe's.

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