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4/11/2010 c2 bria67
Loved this story! I liked how you described John's feelings after he killed the Genii and that Elizabeth noticed it and understood it. And I liked that she recognized that the best way to get through to him is to show him with her actions and words that she cares for him.
3/13/2010 c2 Aria
You so easily keep them in character, and yet add so much more! It's a pleasure to read your stories!
6/1/2009 c2 7Momm2five
*sigh* I love this little ditty!

A wonderful way to set-up their budding relationship!
5/5/2008 c1 2kaitebug
wounderfull. you should devote your whole life to writing stories. you are so good.
5/4/2008 c1 16sparklyshimmer2010
a lovely add in to the ep. it was captured perfectly :)

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