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4/3/2014 c6 Jadeja Baptiste
Hi! Its nice to write a review again. I am the girl who wrote about liking that Claire is famous and has style. I did not put my name so sorry about. I am a huge fan.
Anyway, to the point. This book is swicked ( That stands for wicked sweet, the other way around). I was so surprised that Massie & Claire went to Hollywood together and that Claire dumped Cam. Bizarre! Speaking of Cam can't believe Alicia is his girlfriend. And was so wondering what woild happen between him and Claire. I was thinking about the movie and think the name should be "Totally Switched" or " Switched, Hot to Not" and "Suddenly Popular and suddenly erlo the both books and hope you finish them, otherwise I,ll die. I this was not to long.
12/3/2011 c4 Guest
Have idea for movie:

Girls just wanna have fun
1/23/2010 c6 10unsheltered
6/25/2009 c6 C-Cloud
Ehmagawd I luv ur story! Keep righting! LOV UR STORY! UPDATE!

6/25/2009 c6 alexandria li
omg i would love to be your beta i have amazing ideas for young hollywood and i love the clique especially massington
6/23/2009 c5 kindra
puh-lese finish the story im dying to read it
4/12/2009 c5 1FabulousITgirl
Hey, love the story! Update aysap! I've noticed you last updated in 08 which I am sad about. :( If you get to read this review, I answered your questions. :)

What do you think Conner will do when he sees the issue of Us Weekly?

Get mad jealous, and call claire and ask what's up. Claire is happy that her plan had worked, but surprisingly had moved on. To Cam. Yes, CAM! :)

What do you think should happen with Massie and Derrick?

They should stay a happy couple, with a few ups and downs, because I personally love them together. Oh, and for a little drama, make Kris or Dyl hook up with Derrington for a while.

How about Cam and Claire?

Get. Together. For. Sure. CLAM ALL THE WAY :)

What should happen with Kristen, Dylan, Alicia, Claire, and Massie?

Kris, Dyl, and Leesh should envy massie and claire, like always. And when Cam falls for claire, Alicia gets so angry she goes to hollywood and hooks up with Conner foley which eventually goes on us weekly. Would be gr8 :)

What should happen with Claire's relations ships with Jay and William?

Claire should obvie still call Jay her dad because, well, who wouldn't right? Even though he's not her blood related father, he still took care of her. So, claire should call jay her dad and William, just that, William.

Hope I helped. :)
3/21/2009 c5 Taylor
Please hurry write the next chapter. oh, and hurry
2/4/2009 c5 2obscurci la lumiere
Cam shud dump leesh

conner should go 2 westchester 2 win back claire

cam shud try 2 win back claire

kristen shud try to get with conner while he tries 2 win claire back

dylan shud go 4 derrick

leesh shud go 4 cam

the 3 PC members shud be unsuccessful,

cam dates claire

massie and derrick shud stay 2gether

jay and william shud just get along.


12/9/2008 c5 loveee
i think massie and derrick should take it to the NEXT level... catch my drift?

maybe Cam can catch alicia trying to bring claire down and break up with her, they get together with claire

Conner will try to deny that the picture is real, but Claire wont buy it. Then he will come to Westchester and find claire&cam.

ps: this is an ah`mazingg story =]
11/28/2008 c5 xoxodancerxoxo
I think Connor should come to westchester. Like someone else said. And him and cam fight for claire.

Then for massie and derrick i think they should like flirt but not get together right away. But do whatever you want. Keep writing.
11/24/2008 c5 3BritneyCullen
love, love, love the story update soon

bye for know

you know you love me


11/23/2008 c5 10Relient-Only
I think massie and derrick should stay together and cam and claire need to get back together. Also Kristen and Dylan should leave Alicia and go to Massie and Claire. I think claire should be closer to Jay than with william
11/22/2008 c5 6carefree34
m, I think conner will be sad, but not care too too much. Massie and Derrick will stay together. Claire will kiss Cam and he'll like it and it will show up on the cover of Us Weekly and Alicia will be PISSED! idk about dyl&kris or jay&william

just my guesses. love this story. more soon!
11/22/2008 c5 Zombies ate my pie
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