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7/28/2008 c1 kaibasgirlx
ROFL! Omg, this was hilarious! I LOVED this! And so true, just so true! XD

5/10/2008 c1 11i-embrace-OCD
I got the impression that you were incredibly bored, and this is the product. I enjoyed the varied vocabulary and the light humor – the last line made me crack a smile, anyway. Haha.
5/9/2008 c1 42FriendlyMushroom
This must be the most random fic I have ever read... I liked it.
5/7/2008 c1 3frik1000
wow that was hilarious. specially loved the ending "the whole time thanking the heavens he did not write yaoi fics." 4th wall breaking, always a treat.
5/6/2008 c1 15Wolfen Dreams
5/6/2008 c1 67mdizzle
I hope you update soon. This is good. XD
5/6/2008 c1 5iamthelorax
lol! That was brilliant. Too bad about the yaoi thought XD. Seriously that was hillarious, however I'd rather not see this continued. It was good yes, but I think it works best as a one shot.
5/6/2008 c1 4SassyOMG2282
That was funny XD

Great one-shot. The girls made me laugh. Especailly when Zuko showed up.

5/6/2008 c1 Ven Diagram
This is hilarious. Write more please!
5/5/2008 c1 3StarReader86
This story is flat out funny! I love your take on all the shipping wars in ATLA! I feel sorry for Sokka and Zuko, it must be so distressing to be the object of so many affections :P!

Like some of the other reviewers, I would love to see more added to this story. Like maybe, Sokka and Zuko meet up with Haru and Jet who have no sympathy for them since they have only a few fangirls. Anyways, you did an awesome job with two of my favorite guys and if you plan to write another chapter, I would love to read it!
5/4/2008 c1 1Browncoat01
Oh sweet god please tell me there will be another chapter. I havn't laughed this hard in ages. excellent work
5/4/2008 c1 15klainelynch

Really funny to read, I loved it :D
5/4/2008 c1 The Cookie Thief's tips etc

Not only was it funny, but you used proper grammar, followed the rules of the site, AND got the characters' personalities down.

Thank you for providing soemthing WORTHWHILE for me to read!

5/4/2008 c1 Harlequin Jade
ROTFL! OMG. This is so damn funny! I love it! That's what Sokka gets for being such a pimp... and poor Zuko can't help it if every girl thinks he's the hottest guy on earth... no pun intended... hehehe... Great one-shot! This is exactly what I needed...
5/4/2008 c1 1Lostcause13
You should write more to this story, it was funny, maybe make it a two-shot
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