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3/24/2022 c4 1chris8124u
in their senshi forms they do have an advantage in endurance and such which I think would cut down on some of hte trianing
5/30/2019 c12 Cynical Rabbit
Love the story so far. The only thing that weighs on me, my health is not the best and procrastination about doing something about it is my own particular problem. Having said that I don't think I'm going to wake up dead in the foreseeable future.
It's just with authors who add chapters every year or two I figure eventually I'm probably never going to finish a story one of these days.
That bothers me more than the thought of dying actually.
I've read so many good stories that just stop and haven't been updated in several years. I often wonder why.
Did they just lose the drive to write, maybe they lost someone close to them that was something of a muse for them. Maybe they died. Oh well.
5/30/2019 c7 Cynical Rabbit
Ok, you've triggered a pet peeve of mine and that is using a word that does not mean what you intended.
I can't quote the exact passage
You wrote "He differed to her."
Differed means at it's root to be different as "He had a different opinion than her."
The word should have been (deferred) as "He really didn't have an opinion on the subject so he deferred to her opinion this time." Defer basically means To give way as in social situations, to let another lead so to speak.
Not trying to flame just wish people would Dictionaries and Thesauruses seriously rather than letting an "That's close enough." mindset prevail.
Sorry just the way I'm wired.
5/30/2019 c4 Cynical Rabbit
I've read stories from authors that poo poo'd the idea that Ranma gets this awesome super power up as not realistic and refuse to do so. The problem is Ranma can be anything you want him to be, he is at the very least in canon is a Sisyphusian type character rolling a large boulder up a steep hill and mostly never makes any progress. By keeping the buckets of crap generated by his father and the actions of the NWC from suffocating everyone. Never making any headway and even loosing a tiny bit occasionally and getting it back a little later. Like Sisyphus can never get the boulder to the top of the hill.
So Ranma has much in common with Greek heroes and Demigods like Hercules and therefore needs a power up to rise to the challenge.
So FF authors try to craft stories where Ranma can prevail and get a happy future. We humans have a need for the underdog to prevail against all odds and get the girl and ride off into the sunset with said girl.
Thank you.
4/9/2016 c12 1Zanzar
What happens next and when is the next chapter?
3/15/2016 c12 Meck Viking
i know im rather late to the party. but this is a very good story. would love to see it continue but i know how life can happen. good luck out there.
5/19/2015 c12 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
9/24/2014 c1 Guest
The first three chapters are full of angst, exposition, and OC introduction. Ranma gets the girl, a family, leaves his canon problems behind him, and the senshi get clued in on the whole thing. The author spends the three chapters and part of the next one cramming the ideal setting for the story down the reader's throats. If however you can muscle through that, the actual story itself is quite enjoyable and well balanced. DEFINITELY a slow starter.
9/12/2014 c12 slaaneshgod
I'm glad to see this story hadn't died and although it seems the last update was some time ago I would gladly hope to see more. I like galaxia as an uncorrupted force. I look forward to seeing more in the future.
6/25/2014 c3 Guest
Angst filled drama queens. In three chapters there is no fun, no action and no real story. Some people I'm sure love this but that and the overuse of OC's kills it for me.
1/28/2014 c7 Guest
When Ranma is talking to Mrs. Mizuno about Mercury(Ami) Ranma is a guy but you have it writen that "Ranma smirked as he pulled out a thermos of hot water. Pouring it on his head"

So nothing would happen yet he became a she
1/28/2014 c12 Guest
11/14/2013 c12 shugokage
Wow this was a truly incredible crossover and story!
11/14/2013 c1 shugokage
One word can sum this chapter up and it is "intense".
4/11/2013 c12 Suryn
I just finished reading your whole story and it is true to the source material very well. The characters feel right and the dynamics are good. The only real complaint I have is that the Senshi feel to weak. I understand your trying to say is that if they unleashed they would over power everything and kill everyone and this a battle of skill not power and you are showing in the later chapters that they are getting the skill to back up the power, I just wish they could do more
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