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2/16/2013 c2 23Byakugan789
That's not entirely true. Fanon Nabiki is Exactly like end of series nabiki. Canon start nabiki however is drastically different from most peoples favorite portrayl of her. the change is gradual throughout the series, but people only really remember their most recent impressions, and that being reinforced by so many fanon examples of such it's easy for most people to forget what she was introduced as.
12/4/2012 c1 Oakshaden
While I do appreciate that Ranma and Kasumi make a good couple the way you wrote them, I almost feel like crying at the loss of the Usagi/Ranma pairing.
9/26/2012 c12 4jgkitarel
I figured that some of their enemies would have to be dealt with in a more final manner, and to be honest, doing it to Taro is... fitting.
9/26/2012 c6 jgkitarel
Hmm, in this case, an enemy the Senshi can fight, but in the process would end up with a less than desirable result. In other words, they're a hand grenade where a scalpel would be appropriate. On the other hand, they can prove useful allies and I doubt all of the enemies will be salvageable like Alpha Centauri was.
9/25/2012 c1 jgkitarel
Foaming at the mouth? Meh, I've seen relationships start in real life for shallower reasons (I am not immune to that either). Besides, Ranma's reactions were priceless.
9/4/2012 c12 Ranmayamabushi
Well worth the wait, keep up the great work!
9/3/2012 c12 8Dumbledork
Cool, an update. I have no problem with you killing Taro so quickly. Quite often long drawn-out fights are rather boring (DBZ anime for example).
9/1/2012 c12 6Tovath
Thank you for writing another chapter of this. I hope that you will be able to get to write the next one sooner then you expect.
8/31/2012 c12 10Wonderbee31
Wow, Tara let himself become quite the monster here in this section, and was glad to see his end was hopefully painful there, even if it was quick.
8/31/2012 c12 3Hiryo
Wow such a great story!

Thank you for updating this absolutly wonderful grand amazing story!

Thank you from the bottom of the heart for more of this quality!

Please update soon!
8/30/2012 c12 8Quathis
Taro really came on with a bloodlust. Kind of reminded me of how I felt about Joker in Dark Knight. Crazy and very dangerous psychopathic. Wondering how Galaxia will fit in with everything. Until next time.
8/30/2012 c12 2Shannon Dee
Thank you for another great chapter and I look forward to the next even if it takes a year. Which is faster than I am updating my own stories :)
8/30/2012 c12 1Mizuno Tenshi2
Thanks so much for writing, I really enjoy your story, and hope the site doesn't do something stupid. Grrrrr... And dropping Galaxia on Taro's head could use a bit more reaction. Well, maybe in the next chapter.
8/30/2012 c12 3MWkillkenny84
Chaos, it was GALAXIA.
Considering this fact, I can say Tarou has died TOO SLOWLY.
Vote: 10
8/29/2012 c12 Wharpt
Well, Phoenix and Cygnus did say a Senshi's power would be deadly to the Avatars. Looks like they were right. And hitting Taro with a fist moving at what sounds like 2/3rd's the speed of light would make one hell of a crater!

Galaxia, huh? That changes the stage for certain. Wonder what she'll think of Usagi's new outlook on life?

Did Kasumi's engagement ring survive the fight?
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