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for Harry Potter and the Marauders of the Mind

1/1/2020 c28 Guest
god i hope this hasn’t been deserted! ily
12/28/2019 c28 Martiny the one and only still
I couldn't resist giving this a reread as well. One of my favorite bits in anything is the part where Remus realizes he's dead. He goes through the stages of grief and relief and grief again in seconds and it guts me. I'm also a big fan of 'get in, get the git, get out' also the bit about the Centipede named Puff

But this, this chapter oh my GOD. Harry's Patronus started faltering, and then Draco leaps forward and I know this is where Drarry is going to happen and he manages the 'must not care if you die' spell to protect Harry and, then, most glorious of all, Harry's Patronus changes. A wonderful final thing to read before falling asleep. Very eager to see what Harry's animagus form will be :3

(Clearly, the update emails got a bit lost in my email lol)
12/26/2019 c28 5Griffindorrox
I absolutely love this story! I think I've read it 4 times now, and it still succeeds to keep me entertained. You manage to balance humour and seriousness and a great plot, resulting in this masterpiece! Keep writing!
12/12/2019 c28 12Rebel Goddess
Overall, I'm really enjoying this, though I'm no fan of Draco / Harry slash. There's so much here that's great. I particularly like the way Harry has spent so much time with his parents in his mind that their reunion is very different to what it would be otherwise, and I love how you characterise Harry and the Marauders. The scene in the church was brilliant.
12/11/2019 c14 Rebel Goddess
I already loved this fic and then Draco used "wahoonie-shaped", and I loved it even more. That was hilarious.
11/20/2019 c28 2Eiren-Kurone
I can't expresss how much I love your work
11/9/2019 c28 Ayanna c
How could you just leave us with that cliffhanger, I’m going to be obsessing over this for the next forever

Also you are a really great writer
11/3/2019 c26 evxnesco
hi moonsign! it’s been a while since my last reread/comment, hasn’t it? it's kind of funny, last night i dreamt that you updated, and when i checked to see if my dream was prophetic, i just ended up reading the story all over again. your writing is so addictive! i haven’t been able to put the fic down all day.

i just want to say, i absolutely adore the way draco’s animagus transformation played out in chapter 28. the fact that he reached that point of “i don’t care if i die” needed for the transformation to be complete, just because harry’s life was in danger? OOOOH MY GOD. GOOD SHIT. and it lowkey parallels sirius’s transformation in casting moonshadows, in a way? (but sort of the opposite, i guess)

i’d LOVE to see how the boys come to address that, along with harry’s patronus change! i mean seriously, “Harry didn't think he had ever cast anything this bright” ? THATS BEAUTIFUL!
honestly, the way harry and draco’s relationship has bloomed over the course of the story in general makes me so, so happy. the growth between them has been so subtle yet so sweet, its breathtaking.

and this is mostly just me projecting my own fangirlish desires, but it would be so sweet to see either sirius or remus gently guiding harry through the significance of both of those developments, and what they could mean in regards to his relationship with draco. or any of us parental units, really, (especially lily) but i admit, i do have a soft spot for his surrogate dogfathers.

it’s kind of insane that i’ve been reading your work since my very first year of middle school, and now that i’m about to start college, i’m still just as invested now as i was then. thank you for that. i solemnly swear, you’ll always have a loyal reader in me.

and i can’t wait to see how this story ends! i'm so excited for the next update. even if it takes literal years to get the next chapter out :D
10/29/2019 c1 Guest
Amazing took me to days to finish only to figure out that it isn't finished PLEASE FINISH IT
10/18/2019 c28 Guest
I don't know when this masterpiece was last updated (cause it doesn't say the year) but please tell me this isn't the end... I need draco and harry to be gay af and for draco to accept himself (plus the conversation about harry's patronus would be great) and just please this can't be the end (btw if you couldn't understand till now I love your work and your writing you have a beautiful talent)
9/23/2019 c25 janet.geil
I love and hate how you describe the universe of HP. I've only seen such an intricate research done to the plot in the writing of J.R.R. Tolkien and Danielle Trussoni. Even Rowling wasn't this exact about all of the things she's invented for us. You're truly a remarkable writer and I'm a big reader of your works. I just adore your ways, mistress ;)
9/16/2019 c21 12Lady Logos
I usually Never comment in a middle of a story I'm reading but bloody hell, not only is this hilarious to the point that I've probably accidentally busted a rib laughing, but at the same time the intrigue! the Plot! the everything! You have the characters nailed down as if this was Rowling herself writing this! (just with better proofreading, dunno know what her fact checker was thinking with the diary...) anyways! so far Amazing! honestly your summary does this story no justice at all! it's amazing! More more more more! luckily I still have some 5 (me thinks?) chapters to readso no worries thereamazing! simply brilliant!
9/15/2019 c28 14Glove23
hey yo i'm CRYING i lOVE moments like this and i love this fic so much thank u so much

harry's patronus changing! i'm big cry dude! wow! THIS FIC IS AMAZING and i keep telling everyone i know abt it bc i want them to read it it's so wonderful
9/14/2019 c27 Glove23
god i love this fic
9/13/2019 c26 Glove23
i love Family
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