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for the start of a new romance

2/24 c42 Guest
Thank youuuu sooo much for this please take care!
1/18/2013 c1 Eren Ackerman wife of levi
awesome story
12/17/2010 c2 9miramisa90212
I like your story! It's so interesting!:))
5/11/2010 c16 GoldieFlow
i like that moment when you "rejected" yunoki and hugs tsukimori! i prefer tsukimori than yunoki too and sorry for the bad english
4/19/2010 c10 2Skye Bubble
i'm thinking that since you used comfort room, you're filipina, right? i am too. :D good job on the stories.
2/1/2010 c42 gAm3fr3Akal
DUDE kahoko and tsukimori are so freakin perfect!

i mean kahoko and len were the most changed like...len plays violin more carefree because of KAHOKO and wel when she wanted to quit vioin Len helped her get back on her feet.

ALSO i has evidence!

in episode 24 lens mom said "i knew it" !

that means something right!
11/6/2009 c16 AnimeFan14
Nah,I kinda like this extra chapter.Their reaction are priceless.Good job for making Azuma admit his feelings.
10/28/2009 c42 4sky-alchemist056
wow it's really cute..

every time i read from word to word, pictures of what's happening just flashes like in a TV screen...

i am already planning on posting a story about the two, but i really don't know how to post it here, so i only make drafts in my notebook...

i really admire the story..

please keep on writing stories about these two...

i will always support your stories about these two...

i wish you will make a sequel...
9/6/2009 c24 LittleMissMint
So you like saiunkoku monogatari too?.. hehe..^^, (sorry for sying irrelevant things..)
7/31/2009 c21 3Francine-Anne
Like I said, you got Len right on the dot!

You said he was uncertain, right?

Well, seeing as he probably hadn't apologized to anyone his age before, he probably WAS uncertain, so GOOD JOB!

7/31/2009 c20 Francine-Anne

And don't worry, Tsukimori's smile at receiving a valentine from Hino wasn't OOC, it was exactly right!

Good job! :)
7/16/2009 c33 1PrayerSenshi
yea! she gets together with tsukimori! I was worried for a while there. phew!
7/16/2009 c24 PrayerSenshi
"bear my children"... ah! the moment i read that, miroku from inuyasha popped into my head!
5/13/2009 c42 lovedovepup
wow that was a great story loved it

cant wait for its sequel
5/11/2009 c16 lovedovepup
love ur extra chapter it was coolio
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