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for Ambush

2/8/2020 c1 Ryn
I wish this had been made not a series. Nicely done.
8/3/2008 c1 22sb4ever
I enjoyed this movie and I enjoyed this story. Seems like you got the characters' voices down. I enjoy your writing.
5/14/2008 c1 Space1Traveler
Nicely whumpalicious. Thanks.
5/13/2008 c1 43Jammeke
This was a wonderful story. You write Brendan in a similar way to John Sheppard, but according to what I've heard, those characters are a lot alike. I must confess I have not seen Thoughtcrimes, but I am planning to watch the movie soon and I already know what it's about, since I'm a big fan of Joe Flanigan.

Anyway, I love how you wrote Brendan; his feeling guilty for being the one to live. Freya was very supporting and I liked that. What I also loved was how Brendan's fellow agent and boss cared about him and how Freya told him that he is loved. Thank you for this story! I am already lookinh forward to the next!
5/10/2008 c1 Delka
As good as ever.
5/9/2008 c1 74Alipeeps
Oh Brendan whump! Yummy! This was a nice little story and some very nice whump for our hero! Thanks for sharing hon.. :)

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