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12/8/2008 c1 13Olaf74
I'm lost of words. Your Story is more than Fantastic. Please continue it as soon as possible.
11/9/2008 c10 Lientjuhh
good story.. I like it... Well done... ;)
10/17/2008 c2 2Terri-LeeMBK
Fantastic story. I also have a question; why do you have you called it Orden insed of Order?
10/11/2008 c10 2robzone
keep going this story is unbelievable. this is a story i could get behind. great job.
10/1/2008 c10 kdanford
hope you update again soon, really good story
8/22/2008 c10 Shank5
should not harry be named teh hier to the peveral brother . like in the last book.
8/22/2008 c10 SeaBreeze2Ga
Wow great story, can't wait to read more.

8/20/2008 c10 The-Resident
I really hope you find a beta/editor. You have a good story going here but it suffers due to the spelling/grammar/punctuation errors within it. I would offer to be your beta but I am so far behind on my e-mail that I won't have time in the foreseeable future. Oh, BTW, if you do find a beta, have them go over the existing chapters and repost them as they are corrected. Your readers will love you for it..
8/10/2008 c10 AequusTempestas
Nice Story! Hope You Update Soon!
8/6/2008 c1 1edward kizaru
muy bueno
8/6/2008 c10 Gaurdian9641
good story keep it up
8/4/2008 c10 Stunna21
great story so far and wow harry's connected so update soon and keep writing because things are only getting more interesting and i can't wait for more.
8/4/2008 c2 noodle-monster
i can't get beyond this chapter. it just reads too badly.

i mean writing in present tense? your English teachers should have kept failing you until you got it right.

the cliches just hurt my head as well. come on, heir too all the founders and then the pendragon line as well. that's just ridiculous.

then there's the lord potter and lord black cliches.

sigh, just please stop it.

i'd normally at least say good effort, but i can't even say that here.
7/31/2008 c3 5ElectroCyborg
You are writing in present tense "Lord Voldemort is very angry.", learn to write, stories are supposed to be in past tense,"Lord Voldemort was very angry," your writing is horrible it doesn't flow past tense will help it flow

Only a few more cliches to go and you'll win an award for the most cliches in a story. Not only is it annoying and impossible to read, it is killing my mind.

I suggest you rewrite the story and have a more fleshed out plot. Read over your work and write properly.

Unfortunately I cannot even say good work or good try to this story, Sorry.
7/30/2008 c10 MULAN-IFUWEREGAY
update soon
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