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7/6/2008 c8 DragonFire Princess
Love the story, Hope you update ASAP!
7/3/2008 c8 5I've Got A Secret
I love it!
7/1/2008 c8 HAFTKAKHALEB
Just perfect as a story hope you post soon


Your knight in shining armour
7/1/2008 c2 cravensvt
while I normally like harry/fluer, I just can't read this, it is just too easy, magic isn't that easy, it isn't just going to hand harry power, and while I haven't seen it yet, I can guess you will have harry and fluer togeather within the first few chapter that they meet in the story, it's just too blunt, like the plotline from what I can tell
7/1/2008 c8 14Nyghtmyst
oh wow! i love it! woot woot!

please update soon!
7/1/2008 c8 mundi
Not bad you are doing a great job whith this history keep writing I want more so please update soon see ya.
7/1/2008 c8 Irishfighter
Awesome chapter
6/30/2008 c8 6sinsrfun10
This is a riveting story. So Fleur did a soul bond with Harry to save his life and is now married to him?
6/30/2008 c8 Rainbow2007
i love it
liked it

update soon
6/30/2008 c8 WolfGirl75
that was asome. cant wait for more. so how long are they going to be unconsios? and what do you mean by flur being a potter now? im cunfused!
liked it

update soon
6/25/2008 c7 2Alice4Ever
that was a really good chapter and i hope that Harry and the rest of the heirs have multi-animaguses, but Harry's is way more powerful. i think that that would be so so cool!
6/23/2008 c7 1cawarlord
exspalin more about how these individuals will halp the orderen
6/21/2008 c7 Beaky89
love the story up date soon.
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