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for A Real Family At Last?

7/23 c10 manywaters62442
um i thought to be a pureblood requires all 4 of one's grandparents magical so althought lily is a muggle born qnd hqrry's a half blood, james sirius and albus severus and lily luna are pure blood
7/23 c2 manywaters62442
whoa she didn't remember him? kinda weird her calling him mr snape
1/27 c25 37XX-Samantha-XX
Totally just binged this today haha, ive read this before but it never gets old. I love reading the strength in harry despite everything hes been through. Love it thank you :)
12/20/2020 c25 Guest
cute cute cute
8/20/2020 c25 James Birdsong
This seems a good story
3/25/2020 c10 Guest
Great story, not sure if it’s just me or it really fits, but try listening to ‘In My Blood’ by Shawn Mendes while reading chapter 10. :-)
5/13/2019 c25 Strangerdivergentthings
Frfdrdfhhdjrfjdjd that was absolutely amazing! I loved this story and you're an amazingly talented author. I hope you keep on writing :)
3/31/2019 c25 peggy77
You do write well and the story is good. It's just, I am very definitely not a fan of Snape and found it appalling when Rowling gave Harry's second son Snape's name.

Yes, I understood that he couldn't show favoritism to Harry or Gryffindors due to keeping up appearances but he did way more than that by being so hateful to Harry.

Snape is an egotistical, immature man in Canon and no amount of "help" he gave truly makes up for his behavior. But, that's just my opinion and I know many others don't feel the same.
3/30/2019 c20 peggy77
Freeze the pregnancy?! Umm yeah, sure, lol!

Won't his friends notice the difference in his looks? Oh, and in the books, Harry always had black hair, not brown. But yeah, you would think his friends would at least notice that he no longer had James Potter's messy hair.

Oh yeah, yech, yech! Shape as ANYONE'S father!
3/30/2019 c17 peggy77
Biological father? Bullsh*t! I know, he is in your story but if this world and these characters were real, no way in Hell! I will continue reading because it has been a good story but in my mind, no matter how the story goes, I will never accept that.

You know, he still could have entered Harry's mind without the requirement that he be a blood relative. You could have simply had the requirement be someone that had entered his mind before. You didn't need to go and totally ruin the story.
3/5/2019 c15 Guest
1st language: Spanish
2nd Language: French

I sincerly apologiseif thy english is incorrect it is my fourth language.
3/26/2018 c17 8BlueMoon007
Snapes sense of humor in this is just cracking me up.
2/17/2018 c13 Guest
Wait. I thoight in the previous chapters it said repeatedly that harry doesnt have his wand. When did he suddenly get it back, just in time for this fight?
12/4/2017 c5 Guest
First you make Harry get beaten, THEN get run over BY A CAR!
11/21/2017 c25 LocoBriar
Love that his Phoenix is laughing at him. Lol
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