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for Dark Intervention

9/12/2013 c1 Darth Davha
more. more this story automatically peeked my interest . Please for the love of kami continue
2/9/2011 c1 SandyClaws93
Haku really doesnt know who he's dealing with :P. This is a very brilliant idea, having Tobi and Akatsuki make an appearance alot earlier in the story, even better in the wave arc with changes already being shown. I cannot tell how giddy it makes me whenever Tobi goes 'Madara Mode' on an unsuspecting character :D. It looks like this story isn't gonna have a continuation based on how long and how many stories you've updated and posted.

I hope you recieve some inspiration in this particular story since it would be a waste to see it abandoned. I cam never find a good Madara/Tobi story that doesnt involve humor or romance. Anyways, hope you update it sometime, or if not I thank you for atleast giving us an introduction of this brilliant story.
9/26/2010 c1 The Darkest wizard
This is a great chapter! Please continue it soon!
3/25/2009 c1 4ManicBlueRose
Love it, please update soon!
8/2/2008 c1 10PastaSentient
Wow, this is insane. I really like the way this is going. I love your version of madara. It should be interesting to see how the twelve year old sasuke would react to the "truth". Anyways, please update soon. I really like this so far. Are there going to be any pairing for this fic? Just curious. Btw, you might want to consider upping the rating. I have a feeling this is going to get pretty gruesome, so just in case... Update soon!
6/8/2008 c1 Ivanika
Awesome! Tobi/Madara rule ya!

This story even has Haku in it and Zabuza for the beginning.

You rule yo!

Hope you update soon
5/13/2008 c1 3HawkofLight
Wow, now this is a very interesting concept you have here. Having Tobi/Madara in the bridge battle and helping to observe with Zabuza and Haku is very original; in fact it's kinda rare to see a story that incorporates knowledge from the latest manga chapters so you've got me hooked. I'm particularly interested in where you're going to take the story from here as I was drawn in due to your summary. This chapter though was well-written and sets things up pretty nicely.

I look forward to any and all future updates.
5/13/2008 c1 The Lizard Rebellion
very interesting. this seems like it could turn out to be quite the read. good luck with the chapters to come!

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