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for My Idol

3/11 c11 Guest
Well this fanfic is abandoned, but at least it was abandoned on a high-note.
10/28/2020 c11 15SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Well at least Naruto got fuckin promoted. Thank the heavens for small mercies.
10/28/2020 c10 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Booooooooooooooooo not only did Orochimaru survive and escape twice over(from the shinigami attack and the angry ninja mass) but he was saved by Kabuto to whom was last known to be under the heaviest locks and restraints and surveillance while this invasion was being delt with! And no one but Naruto thought to chase after them? Such easy targets in comparison to normal? Just how incompetent ARE your versions of Konoha folk? Are they even more incompetent than the canon Konoha folk? Cuz that's just...bruh...if they are.
10/17/2020 c11 OgFrosty
to anyone who finds this fic. i am almost positive it is abandoned. idc, read it. it is very good. to the author of ur still lurkin on this site. thank you for this, even if it’s not nearly complete, this is fantastic
4/6/2018 c11 Guest
why the fuck did you not continue this man ? i mean there are only a few fics in which a portrayal of an apathetic uzumaki naruto is believable , and this my friend is one of them ... i don't know if you have lost inspiration for this ... or you have some rough shit going on in your life , that you can't spare time on this fic but believe me bruhh when i say that this is a brilliant fic and i want you to continue it man ... come om buddy ... help a fella out here on some good content ...
3/22/2017 c9 Guest
you display sandaime's help towards naruto as if it is some noble job..he is suppose to protect him or help he obviously didn't do his best..and if he let naruto killed there is alwways a chance of releasing kyubi he disn't do anything kind to naruto while keep secrts from him till the day he your fanfic what is the point of denying naruto of the knowledge of his parentage and heritage? it was his right to begin said he didn't want to show favouritism which he always showed to he denied everything to sqying that everywhere jinchurikis are treted like that does not justify konoha's action..and they can't expect loyality from a person they treat like this.
10/13/2016 c3 Guest
Thing is, Kakashi may have said that, but can you actually name one ninja who was stronger than him by the age of 12-13? I can't. Even Hashirama and Madara probably didn't reach his level until they were at least 15.
4/29/2016 c11 6KitXIV
Please update this. It's been so long, and its such a good story.
9/9/2015 c11 SeverlyLate
Well, intentionally or not this Naruto comes off as a worthless jerk...
8/29/2015 c11 Guest
It's been a few years since I last read this. The quote 'Look upon greatness and covet, young shinobi,' had been spinning in my head for some reason today, so I googled it and found My Idol again. Feeling nostalgic, I decided for a total reread. Already reviewed this chapter a long time ago, so simply leaving a note as a guest.
The amount of favourites and reviews does not do this story justice. Sure, there might be one or two spelling mistakes near the beginning, but damn, the writing style is just so fresh and unique. Its entirely monologue and I fucking love it. I loved it back then, I love it now. It hurts to know that this won't updated. But thank you nonetheless for writing this amazing fic anyway.
The pretext of the story and simple concepts lit a spark in my soul again. To measure my capacity...that single line sent shivers down my spine. And I'm sure even when I'll be in my eighties with a few grandkids, I'll remember this-
"Look upon greatness and covet, young shinobi."
3/7/2015 c10 boydarr42
This is such an amazing story. My only problem with it is that it was made to early to see how godly the Sho and Nidaime were compared to the other three Hokages especially the Shodaime because I don't know of many authors on this sight that could portray a ninjas strength so well
2/9/2015 c11 blueEyre
Good story. doesn't look like we'll see more of it, but at least you gave it an acceptable conclusionish chapter. Enjoyed your writing.
8/25/2014 c11 1Kitsune-sama888
PLZ keep updating!
8/25/2014 c10 Kitsune-sama888
Nooooo! Why'd you have to stop!
7/5/2014 c11 acrimony1029341
An intriguing story, please update soon!
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